Monday, October 17, 2011

22 Months

I am 22 months!

  • I wear a size 5 diaper.
  • I wear size 18-24 month or 2t pants, 2t or 3t shirts, 24month or 2t dresses, and size 6 shoes.
  • I have a HUGE vocabulary and I talk in 3-4 word sentences.
  • I can sing my ABCs through "g".
  • I am working on counting.
  • I can usually identify a circle.
  • Sometimes I can tell you the color of an item (pink, purple, and yellow are the ones I'm most likely to get right).
  • I'm a modest little thing...well, most of the time. 

  • I love my Ellie. I love to help Mommy and Daddy take care of Ellie and I've gotten pretty good about watching out to make sure I don't step on Ellie.
  • I love playing with my baby dolls. I buckle them in the carrier, put them in the swing, give them lots of hugs and kisses!
  • This month I have enjoyed watching the Gamecocks play on Saturdays. I talk about the "cock-cocks" a lot and I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE is a Gamecock fan (as they should be).
  • This month I got to meet Mommy's friends Katie Page and Brook Bishop and Brook's little boy.

  • I got red shoes and pink boots this month...what more could a girl need?

  • This month I went to Summerville to visit GG, PaPa, and Uncle Bake (Blake). While we were there we went to the Fire Museum and I got to go to a Summerville football game and watch PaPa coach. I had lots of fun at the game!

  • I love to help in the kitchen.

  • I pretty much always have a bow in my hair and I'm good about not pulling it out (unless I'm in the car or if I'm hanging around with Daddy).
  • Abby and Ben (my honorary aunt and uncle) came to visit.

  • I went to the Children's Garden with Ivy this month...I am so sad that she's going to be moving back to Greenville.

  • I went to the fair with Mommy (more on that later this week).
  • I went to Boo at the Zooo this month and had soooo much fun. Trick or treating is great!

Halloween 2010...I've changed a lot in a year!

  • I got hand foot and mouth this month but fortunately I seem to have had a mild case of it and I've been a trooper through the whole thing.
  • I got to see my friend Addison this month (and her friend, also named Addison). We went to the zoo and it was sooo much fun!

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