Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A funny shirt

So this post is a little late but when it happened I had some other posts that I was working on and this got pushed to the side but better late than never!
A couple of weeks ago while I was at work Paul was holding Emmie and she had a dirty diaper and it squirted out of her diaper and onto Paul's shirt.  He immediately called me to tell me this and I laughed. A LOT.  In fact I'm still laughing about it now as I write this post...hahahahaha.  Apparently Emmie didn't want me to feel left out so a few days later she pooped on me...the little stinker (literally).  So after I cleaned her up I dug this onesie out of her drawer.  Paul got this for her when he was in San Francisco.  Emmie's daddy goes out of town and all he brings her back is this embarrasing onesie! (Don't worry...he also brought her back a San Fran fleece.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Style Section

This cute little sundress is from Gingersnaps which is in Summerville.  We some very cute clothes from there and this is one of my favorites!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've ordered a bunch of headbands with some bows for Emmie but they haven't come in yet.  However, Paul's mom found this the other day and brought it for Emmie...HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't WAIT for all the rest of the headbands to come in!

(You can tell that she loves her bow!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

4 months

I am 4 months (and 2 days) old.  Here are a few things about me!
  • I'm 12lb 13oz and 24.5 in. (at 4 mo my mom was 12lb 8oz, 25in and my dad was 12lb 9oz, 23.5in).  I'm in the 30th percintile for weight and the 59th for height.
  • I wear a size2 diaper.
  • I have big blue eyes and brown hair and very expressive light brown eyebrows.
  • I wear 3-6 mo clothes (but I can wear some 6-9mo dresses and onesies).
  • I can roll over from front to back.
  • I like to grab things and put them in my mouth.
  • I'm always reaching out to pet my puppy, Franklin.
  • I love bathtime...splashing is fun!
  • I sleep from about 8:30pm to 7:30am.
  • I love my bedtime routine and I've got the whole thing figured out and never fess when mommy puts me in my crib at night...even if I'm still awake!
  • I'm learning to take naps in my crib instead of in the swing (but I'm not super happy about the transition).
  • I have TONS of personality. 
  • I like to suck my thumb...but only the left one...I haven't found the one on the right yet.
  • I have feet that are fun to grab and I like to show everyone my fist...it's pretty nifty!
  • I love to be outside and I especially love to go on walks around the neighborhood.
  • I go to the church nursery on Sundays and play with my friends.
  • I love singing and I like to hold books (although that frequently turns into trying to eat them).
  • I've figured out how to make almost all of my musical toys sing (some I have to pull and some I have to bop).
  • I talk A LOT and I'm quite the social butterfly!
  • I sit in my highchair while mommy and daddy eat dinner and I love to watch other people eat...I can't wait to get to eat big people food!
  • Today I get to start eating rice cereal and try drinking water out of a cup!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Style Section

This weeks Sunday Style Section includes outfits from the whole week...she wore so many cute outfits that I had to include many of them!
This is the outfit she wore on Sunday.  I had a different outfit picked out for her but my mom came on Saturday (she kept Emmie Saturday night while Paul and I went to an engagement party) and she brought the first dress she's smocked for Emmie...YAY!  I was sooo excited when she started smocking again and I couldn't wait for Emmie to wear this adorable blue dress (which makes her eyes look even bluer!).
How cute is this little Carter's jumper? (it was not so cute after Emmie pooped all over it though)
My little Bumble Bee!  Love the bows on this outfit (I'm a sucker for bows). You can't see them but it also had little bows on the side of the thighs and ruffles and a big bow on the back!
This was one of my favorite outfits she wore this week (obviously Emmie is pretty happy with it as well).  You may ask "what would make this outfit even cuter" and I have the answer...the headband with the big white bow on it that I ordered from Etsy.com...can't wait for them to come in!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Making New Friends

This picture is actually from a few weeks ago but I'm just getting around to posting it.  We often hang out with Tiffany (who works at the Children's Hospital with me) and her kids, Mason and Josie.  Mason is 4 and Josie is 3 weeks younger than Emmie.  Emmie and Josie have been pretty much oblivious to each other until we went to see the Easter Bunny.  They've decided that they'd like to be friends!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's only been two days since I updated my blog but I feel like there's a lot of catching up to do!  We've had lots of fun adventures the last few days.  Sunday, Emmie and I went to the early service at church (she's decided that 7am is a fine time to get up so I figured since she was up we would go on to church) and it was so nice to be home by the time she was ready to take her good mid-day nap!  Paul and his brother went to the masters on Sunday so Emmie and I went to Sandhills on Sunday afternoon with Rebekah and Addison so that Rebekah and I could check out the new frozen yogurt place...quite yummy!  While we were there, we decided to cook out together that night so when Paul and Blake got home we headed over to Rebekah and Ryan's and had a fabulous cook out...we all had so much fun hanging out!  Monday Emmie and I did some grocery shopping (another scream-free trip...that's 2 weeks in a row!) and took a walk and sat outside for a bit enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather.  We decided that since it was so nice out we would grill hamburgers and invite our friends Brook and Chrissy over...we hadn't seen them in quite a while and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and good company!  Today Emmie's GG (Paul's mom) came and stayed with her while I worked.  They had lots of fun and dinner was waiting on me when I got home and the bottles had all been sterilized...so nice to come home to!
Of course I can't update my blog without a picture...Paul took this a week ago when he was keeping Emmie...so cute!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This week Emmie wore an adorable blue and white stripped Strasburg dress to church.  I just love the big collar and I love how springy the dress is!

I'm also including an outfit she wore earlier this week in the style section.  This was a Mud Pie outfit.  Purple and green leggings with a long purple shirt and...my favorite part...a HUGE purple flower (which Emmie kept trying to figure out how to get in her mouth)! 

Emmie has lots of cute outfits to wear this week so look for a big Sunday Style Section next week!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Show Me the Food!

The other day Emmie was sitting in Paul's lap while we were finishing up dinner (she'll only last so long in the highchair) and she was eyeballing his food (which she always does...she loves to watch us eat) and she kept reaching for the plate so I thought it would be funny to give her a baby spoon to hold.  (You can have a spoon and look at all the food but you can't have any of it...we're very cruel parents).  She wasn't quite sure what this thing was in her hand but she enjoyed waving it around!
"Hey!  Where did all the food go?"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Morning already?

The other morning I heard Emmie stirring around so I went into her room to get her up and this is what I found...clearly we have similar feelings about getting up in the morning!

Oh my goodness!  Is it morning already?

Mom!  Please no pictures yet!  I'm not even awake...MOM! (said in a teenager's voice)

I hit the snooze button...just 5 more minutes...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yesterday Emmie rolled over twice!  I was so excited and I ran and got the video camera and of course she then decided she was DONE with anything having to do with being on her stomach.  So today I spent ALL day sitting around, video camera in hand, trying to get her to roll over...and she didn't want anything to do with that!  Then this evening we went on a walk and she was so chilled out when we got back and super content so I decided to give tummy time a try again to see if she'd roll over and she almost did...so I put her on her stomach again and whipped out the video camera and before I could turn it on she rolled over...the little rat!  Fortunately she decided to indulge me and roll over again while the video camera was recording..yay! 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Pics!

As I mentioned yesterday we spent Easter morning in Greenville and then we all went to North Carolina to do Easter with Paul's family.
Here's a pic of Emmie and Franklin with my family (including Ben the Giant).
Our little family on Easter :)  How much things have changed in just a few years...a dog and then a baby!

This is Emmie with Paul's grandmother...Emmie's Great-Mammy!  Emmie is (I think) her 15th great-grandchild...pretty amazing!  This was the first time that Emmie's met her Great-Mammy and we were very excited about the meeting.  She also got to meet all of Paul's aunts,uncles, cousins and their children....it was a VERY big day for Emmie.

Four Generations!
(somewhere there's a picture of the four generations from both sides all together...how neat is that?)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Style Section

This Sunday Emmie went to her first church service...a sunrise service in Greenville!  We then went to North Carolina to celebrate Easter with Paul's extended family and my family came as well.  Emmie also got to meet her Great-Mammy (Paul's grandmother) and Emmie thought she was pretty great (pictures to come later).
For Easter Sunday Emmie wore an adorable light green smocked dress with the cutest little bonnet (it made her look like a cabbage patch doll!). Of course she also had on her bracelet!

How cute are those bunny ears??

Friday, April 2, 2010

A moment to reflect...

Today one of the sweetest, cutest patients that I have ever taken care of passed away.  This little boy was 7 and he had been in and out of the hospital since birth.  He had had multiple surgeries, had been stuck for IVs and blood work more times than anyone can count and had fought a great fight.  He was one of those patients that could make your day better just by smiling at you...he had the smile of an angel and big eyes that melted your heart.  His favorite thing to eat was noodles and cheese...he'd ask for them at every meal...and lots of cereal and chips...breakfast (and lunch and dinner) of champions! ;)  One of my favorite memories of him is from when I was about 7 months pregnant with Emmie.  He pointed to my belly and asked if that was a baby and when I said yes he gave me a hug and laid his head on Emmie.  It was incredibly sweet.  It was so sad for all of us to lose him but I'm comforted by the fact that I know he's in Heaven where he can run and play and will never suffer again. 
Everyday when I go to work I'm so thankful for my healthy baby but today I'm extra thankful.  I can't imagine what this little boy's family is going through.  Today I came home and gave my sweet Emmie an extra hug and kiss and said a little prayer.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...


I've known for awhile that Emmie was going to be a thumb/finger/hand sucker.  I just wasn't sure which one.  She used to suck the side of her hand.  Then she got really good at cramming four fingers into her mouth all at the same time.  Yesterday she finally found her thumb.  Oh, and she's pretty much quit taking a pacifier all together.  The upside is that she's a "self soother".  The downside?  In order to self soothe she has to remember to put her hand or thumb or fingers in her mouth...I can't just pop a pacifier in there.