Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Style Section

Soo apparently this was the ONLY posed picture I got this week...oops!
I just love these little cotton dresses...they're cute and soft and look like they're very comfortable.
This little polka dot dress is one of my favs and all day I kept meaning to get a good picture of her with it on...oh well...perhaps we'll wear it again this week :)

Rockin' at Rite Aid

I just have to brag about my Rite Aid trip this week!  After my rebates I got this all for $25...a saving of  68%! 

1 pack huggies jumbo diapers
3 pilot pens
1 irish spring body wash
2 garnier face wash
1 crest toothpaste
1 reach floss
2 john frieda conditioners
1 john frieda shampoo
6 boxes kleenex
1 4pk scott toilet paper
2 huggies refill packs
1 bottle liserine

Thursday, August 26, 2010


What exactly do you do with this white thing?
AHHA!  You sample your cooking!
I seem to be missing my chef's hat...hmm...
This will work!

Cooking at Gran's house is fun!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Zoo Visit

Yesterday my mom and I took Emmie to the Greenville Zoo and we all quite enjoyed the trip!  It had been many, many years since I had been to the Greenville Zoo and they have a lot of new exhibits and had redone a lot of the exhibits...I was quite impressed!
the tortise was actually moving while we were there
the lion was one of emmie's even roared while we were there!
"mama did you see the LION!"

she thought she'd offer the goat a nibble on her fingers...

the pig oinked and emmie about jumped out of her skin...hilarious!

There was a little play area in the middle of the zoo so we stopped and Emmie had her first playground experience!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

Do you like green eggs in ham?

Do you like them in a box?

Yumm...I do like Green Eggs and Ham!  I would eat them in a box!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Style Section

Love this little jean skirt!
This is one of my favorite's just so classic little girl and I love the monogram :)
How great is my little puff ball?
How adorable is my little chunky monkey?  I cracked up at her in this hat!
A trip to Gran and Grandaddy's house means that Emmie gets to go to the pool...yay!
And clearly the best picture of the week...peas are the new face paint!

Friday, August 20, 2010

NC trip

I LOVE this picture of Emmie and her Mammy! 
This week Paul's mom and I took Emmie (and Franklin of course) to North Carolina so that Paul's grandmother could spend time with Emmie.  We went and stayed with Paul's Aunt Susie and Uncle Clyde and we had such a nice visit!  Susie and Clyde were keeping their granddaughters on Tuesday and they are absolutely adorable and Emmie enjoyed being around them.   Emma is 6, Mary Jane is 5, and Laura Ann will be 5 next week.  Emmie was quite facinated with them and they were really good with her.  They especially enjoyed reading to her which made me so happy because I have such a great love for reading and I want Emmie to as well! 

Emma, Mary Jane, and Laura Ann

Mary Jane and Laura Ann

They were also great with Franklin and he did so well with them.  He got a little grumpy a few times but overall he seemed to really enjoy being around everybody. 

Emma and Laura Ann loving on Franklin
Paul's Aunt Sonja came by for a few minutes on Tuesday to visit with Emmie.

Tuesday night Paul's cousins and their spouses came over for dinner and we had a very yummy meal and the company was fabulous!  After dinner on Tuesday night Paul's cousin Danny played the piano and sang to was so sweet and she LOVED it...she even thought she'd give the whole piano playing thing a whirl!

A few funny things Emmie did while we were there:
1. at dinner on Tuesday night she was REALLY tired because she hadn't napped very well and this was what she was doing....guess it was too much effort to hold her head up!

2. at breakfast the next morning she turned sideways in the highchair and was reclining back while eating her meal...hilarious! 

Then she was just sitting in her highchair all relaxed and full and she almost fell asleep...I kept hoping she would so that I could get a picture of it for the blog but perhaps another time!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 Months! (and 1 day)

    I am 8 months old!
  • I weigh around 18lb.
  • I wear a size 3 diaper
  • I wear 6-9 month clothes, 9 month sleepers, and 12 month bathing suits.
  • I can pull myself up to my knees (and sometimes can get to my feet).
  • I had my first sick visit to the doctor for some hives (they decided I inherited the unexplanible hives from my mom).
  • My mom's friends Julie and her little boy Nate came from Myrtle Beach to visit me and I had sooo much fun with them!
  • I discovered that not only are there lots of other children at the zoo but there are also some pretty cool animals!
  • My mommy's friend Abby came to visit us from Washington DC and we did lots of fun things while she was here, including our trip to the zoo!
  • I started signing "more" and "all gone".
  • I say ma-ma, ba-ba, and pup-pup (and occasionally da-da).
  • I moved to the big carseat and I love it!
  • I tasted dog food.
  • (and I was not so happy when mommy told me I couddn't eat it!)
    (so I'll just sit and watch the bowl...perhaps if the dog food just jumped into my mouth I wouldn't get in trouble for eating it...)
  • I LOVE to eat finger foods and I often try to feed myself with the spoon (and do a pretty good job).  Peaches are one of my favorite finger foods but I can't eat too many of them of I get an upset tummy.
  • I discovered a deep love for cheerios.
  • I learned that there's a whole world outside of my window.
  • I learned that boxes are fun to play in!
  • I had a pretty nasty cold this month.
  • I'm overall a very happy baby and I love to smile and laugh.
  • I love stuffed animals...especially my mouse.
  • I went to Edventure Children's Museum and enjoyed watching all the big kids.
(Me and my friend Josie...chillin' in our strollers.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Style Section

She managed to drool all over her shirt before I got the picture but it's still a cute outfit!
Stylin' in the carseat!
This has got to be one of the cutest dresses ever!  Especially when Emmie has just spit up blueberries onto was my bad...I waited waaaay to long to get my picture for Sunday Style Section.  I found this adorable Pottery Barn Kids dress at Daff-a-deals for $7 with the tags still on...woohoo!  This dress is actually a 12-18mo dress...I'm thinking Pottery Barn needs to work on their sizing a bit!  Christa monogrammed the dress for me and I LOVE the red...I'm so bad at visualizing what things are going to look like together so I pretty much left the thread color up to her and she did a fabulous job (as always)!