Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun!

We had a very busy but very fun Halloween today! I'll start at the beginning and work my way to the end...sorry it's so long..lots to do today!

We started our day bright and early, leaving the house at 8:30 this morning to head to Lexington. (Of course this was the first day in about a week that Ellie slept past 8:30...I hauled her out of bed at 8:10...little rat.) So we went to Lexington to go get pictures done by Cynthia Pace who's an AMAZING photographer. Every Halloween she takes pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes and then puts them on facebook and they are yours to do whatever you want with...all for FREE! I had never met her until today and I was soooo impressed. Within about 2 minutes of us walking through the doors she had BOTH girls standing where she wanted them and smiling at the camera!!! You could definitely click on the link above and check out her work, it's absolutely FABULOUS! I told Paul that when we win the lottery I'm getting her to do lots of pictures...I'm pretty sure that's the only way we could afford (but I'm also positive that she's worth every penny!).
I'll post the picture when she puts it on facebook...probably tomorrow evening.
After pictures we headed to the hosptial for the Halloween carnival. We were going to help pass out candy but it was super crowded and fun and exciting so the girls pretty much played the whole time. Ellie was quite the hit...pretty much every time I looked at her someone was taking her picture...she's the random sheep on everyone's phones! The girls had a great time looking at all the costumes (most of the staff dressed up), visiting the booths, petting the pet therapy dogs, and running around! They even had some friends to play with. Mason came and then we have some family friends who's baby is in the hospital and their older two children came to trick or treat. I had told Emmie that we were going to pass out candy and not to get candy and that she would get to go trick or treat later but there was so much candy left that the girls ended up with a fair amount anyway! They were also giving little pumpkins to all the kids and even though I tried hard not to bring one home we ended up with two and I think I'm pretty lucky that's all we brought home...they tried to get us to take more! Funny Ellie story. If you know Ellie you know she's not to keen on anyone other than Mommy holding her and she really doesn't want to be seperated from me. Well, one of our physical therapists, Vivian, came over and was trying to get Ellie to come with her to the Rehab table to see everyone and Ellie was not having any of it and then Vivian told Ellie she had candy and little girl about jumped out of my arms to go to Vivian!!!

Michele and Ellie checking out the dalmation. The girls were quite taken with the dalmation, especially Emmie.

My girls! Meredith, Katie, Kaci, and Lindsay. (This was taken before the masses arrived!)

Checking out Phoenix the therapy dog. The girls, especially Ellie, enjoyed having dogs to pet that would actually hold still!

HOW COOL IS THIS DOG???! I think I'm going to teach Franklin to wear sunglasses.HAHAHA! Bruno (I think that's his name...he's new) also had on a SWAT vest. Scooby is the other dog.

Ellie was checking out Nicholas's bag of candy!

Cameron, Nicholas, and Ellie with Molly the therapy dog. Ellie kept loving on Molly, I think because they are about the same size...she hugging her and was super cute!

Baby Patrick. How cute is his pumpkin hat that his Mom made?


Ellie had a great time playing with the pumpkins.

Arts and you can see Emmie was enjoying this.

LOVE!!!!! (I didn't get Ellie over in time to get one done plus I'm not sure how well she would have done.)

Ellie was carting the pumpkins all over the place! I was pretty impressed she could keep her balance while carrying a pumpkin.

Adorable cake pops made by Beth, one of the peds oncology nurses.

After we left the hospital we went home and took naps and after naps we popped some popcorn and watched the Pooh Halloween movie. The girls had a ball!
Around 6 we headed over to Jackson's house to trick or treat. Mason came as well and those kids had a BLAST! Emmie and Jackson rang everyone's doorbell 5000 times and Emmie even told me when we left that she liked ringing the doorbells...funny girl! The kids learned real fast to say trick or treat and they were super cute. Even Ellie was trying to say it...little girl knew there was candy involved! We didn't get any pictures of them posed all together because you just don't even really try to do that when they're this little!!
Mason and Superman Jackson

Emmie wanted to hold Mason's hand on the way back to Jackson's house and then she gave him a kiss!

I've never been a big Halloween person but it was sooo much fun this year with two kids who were old enough to enjoy it but still young enough to be fascinated by the novelty of the whole thing...I'm already looking forward to next year!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday Style Section (on Monday)

I had almost a month of style to catch up on so lots of pictures!

I love this Halloween shirt so much I bought it at 2 different Gymboree sales...haha!

I love this penguin sweater dress.

Gamecock smocked dress. It still needs to be hemmed.

I LOVE this scarecrow dress.

I got this Janie and Jack dress at the outlets this summer and it is just adorable!

Don't you love Emmie's sparkly shoes? She sure does!

I love this Halloween outfit that I got at Tot Trade.

Matching cherry outfits.

I love this Noah's Ark dress. I think Emmie wore this for 2 years and now we've moved on to Ellie. I love how long smocked dresses can be worn!

Love these little mouse dresses. We just had pictures taken with them.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Engagement Party

Somewhere along the way I got sidetracked in my blogging and forgot to finish my posts from our week in Greenville! Here you go!

Saturday afternoon we packed up and left Greenville and went to Pageland (in case you're wondering it's kind of between Monroe and Kershaw) for an engagement party for Emily and Blake. It was so nice and we got to meet a lot of Emily's extended family. The decorations were GORGEOUS and I wish I'd gotten more pictures of them and the food (BBQ was the main dish) was yummy. The girls had lots of fun running around and Emily brought them some coloring sheets and crayons so that kept them pretty well entertained after dinner. We are SO excited about the wedding next year and loved having an opportunity to celebrate with them!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Moment to Remember

Today I'm veering off from the normal kiddo post to talk about a pretty awesome thing I witnessed today.

Today I witnessed a devestating moment for a wonderful athlete and my heart broke for this young man who has always kept his chin up and has battled back from injury to regain his spot as a top player in the nation.  When they drove the cart out on the field we knew the injury was bad. There were rumors from those who were watching on TV and could see the replay that this injury might be career ending. Devestating. But then something truly amazing happened. Something that brought tears to everyone's eyes. Tennesse players started coming over to give encouraging words to Lattimore and then the USC sideline emptied as our players went over as well. What an awesome display of sportsmanship and show of respect for this young man.

Then fans, players, and coaches from other teams started tweeting and putting up facebook posts. We saw an amazing show of support from Clemson athletics and the Clemson football players. We saw SEC rival teams, coaches, and players tweeting their support. We saw players, teams, and coaches from across the nation reaching out to this young man that they knew by reputation only.

One thing I noticed as I looked at all the coverage and posts was not a single person talked about Lattimore's injury being devestating to the team from a win-loss aspect. While he's a great player and a huge contributor to the team we CAN win without him. Not one word was said about our season being "over" because of the loss of Lattimore. The sadness everyone is feeling is not for Marcus Lattimore the South Carolina football player but it is for Marcus Lattimore the young man who has shown over and over that he has tremendous strength of character and who has a honest humility so rarely seen in athletes today and who also happens to be a football player for the University of South Carolina.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Showing Off

Every now and then I like to post the cool things my girls are doing...kind of showing off their mad skills. I've been meaning to video Ellie doing some of her "tricks" for a while now and finally got around to doing it today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Party

Today our playgroup had a Halloween party at Christina's house. It was so much fun! The kids played and played and played and painted pumpkins and ate and played some more. I'm so thankful for these wonderful friends that Emmie and Ellie have and their fabulous mommies!

Christina had fabulous decorations!

How cute is little Andrew with his pumpkin bib! Ellie ADORES "baby". 

Painting pumpkins.

Lindsay and Mason made a cookie monster pumpkin.


Jackson and Mikey


Emmie was very intent while painting her pumpkin.

Emmie's pumpkin.

Ellie's pumpkin.

Ellie's lovely hands...she started finger painting at some point!

Mason and Ellie setting up house!