Monday, May 30, 2011

Summerville Trip

We left Wednesday night and headed to Summerville to stay until today.  Paul and his brother, Blake, played in a golf tournament and Emmie and I hung out with GG, Papa Coach, and Blake's girlfriend, Emily.  We had lots of fun going to the beach, the pool, and the park!  This was Emmie's first trip to the beach this year and because Ellie is due at the end of July this was Emmie's last trip to the beach this year so we were really glad we had beautiful weather.  We went to the beach twice and the pool twice while we were there. 

Thursday morning Gin-g and I took Emmie to Alston Middle School to visit the teachers that Gin-g worked with.  Emmie enjoyed the piano in the library!

Thursday afternoon, after Emmie woke up from her nap, we went to the beach!  Emmie wasn't so sure about the waves at first, especially since she was having trouble getting her footing, but she quickly figured it all out and had a great time!
She loved playing in the sand!

Splashing in the waves!

I love this picture of Emmie and Paul...I can't wait to get on the photo editor and enhance it!

Emmie and Mommy!

Walking under the pier with Papa Coach and Mommy.

Building a sand castle with GG.

Family picture.

Completely chilled out on the way home (notice the fabulous purple crocs!).

Friday morning we went to Miler so that Emmie could swim in the pool.

Emmie and Uncle Blake...she learned to say "Bake" while we were in Summerville!

Emily gave Emmie some fabulous purple sunglasses to match her purple crocs!

She thought it was so funny when I would put my face in the water.

She liked to swim back and forth between Gin-g and me.

Practicing her kicking!

We found a kickboard for her to practice's never too early to start training for the olympics!

Working on backstroke...she actually did really well getting her ears in the water...she thought it was funny!

Friday afternoon we went to a park in Summerville (until it started raining) and then the Edwards treated me to a was soooo nice and my feet felt so much lighter afterwards!

Going down the slide with GG.

Riding on the dinosaur with Papa.

Emmie always loves a good swing!

Saturday after we got up Gin-g and I took Emmie and headed to the beach.  We were lucky enough to miss most of the was getting pretty crowded by the time we left!

I love this picture of Emmie and me!

Walking on the beach with GG.

Emmie loved drinking out of the water bottle!

Saturday evening we went to Miler for a cookout.  We had lots of fun and got to visit with many friends!

Emmie had a pretty new party dress but I had trouble getting her to hold still so I could take a picture!

Riding in the golf cart with Daddy and Uncle Blake.


Emmie had the best time running around on the dance floor with this little girl.

Dancing with daddy.

See the Ellie bump?  How can you miss it!

Emmie got a kiss from Hoby Messervy!  Aren't they adorable?

A little later in the evening Emmie went and kissed another boy that was at the party...but I'm pretty sure she just wanted to distract him enough to swipe his toy!

 Sunday morning Gin-g and I took Emmie to the pool and then that afternoon Fred blew up the kiddie pool and Emmie had a great time playing in the backyard.

I love this picture of Emmie and Franklin!

Sunday night Paul and I went with Emily and Blake to dinner in Mount Pleasant.  We had so much fun and it was nice to have an adult evening!  I think that was the first "date" Paul and I had been on since we went to see The Blind Side about a month after Emmie was born!  Between our two schedules it's pretty rare that we're home at the same time long enough to go out somewhere and when we are we haven't planned ahead for a babysitter!

Monday morning we got up and Paul and I took Emmie to the pool.  Then we came home, got quick showers and headed back to Columbia.  Emmie did really well on the way home...I was so proud of her.  She slept for about 45minutes and then woke up and played with/ate her sandwich.  The she chilled out in her carseat and watched the music mobile that we brought back from Summerville with was a lifesaver in the car!  When we got back to Columbia Paul stopped to grab lunch about 10 miles from home and I noticed that the A/C wasn't very cold and about the time I mentioned this Paul noticed that the little too hot meter was saying it was too hot (my knowledge of cars is quite vast can't you tell?).  So we pulled into a parking lot and Paul did his manly car fixing thing (once again...mucho car knowledge) and we headed up with no more incidents...yay!  When I got Emmie out of the car I noticed that she was really hot but she had been in her carseat with Mousie and her blanket so I figured that was the problem.  I put her down for another little nap and then went to run errands.  Paul got Emmie up about 3 and when I got home around 5:30 she was just in her diaper.  Apparently she was really hot when Paul got her up so he took her clothes off...I checked her temp and it was 100.7...after hanging out under a fan in just her diaper for 2.5 hours!  She was acting fine...a little bit cuddlier than usual but happy.  So tomorrow, in between my doctor's appointments, I will be heading out to Lexington to take Emmie to the doctor...busy, busy day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Greenville Trip

Last weekend we went to Greenville and stayed for a few days.  We had a great time with lots of backyard pool playing (even when it was 60 degrees outside!) and other fun adventures!  Even though Emmie had roseola for the first two days and then the two days after that were kind of chilly (and we did not bring appropriate attire with us!) she still had a great time and didn't let anything slow her down too much!

Sitting outside with mommy, Sandi, and Uncle Giant (aka Uncle Ben)

Eating with Grandaddy

Playing at the park!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Style Section

I love this little outfit and it's nice for days that are not cold but not really warm!

Emmie looked so cute in this outfit and I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole thing.  It had little pink pants with it that had a cat on the bottom!  I also LOVE the pigtails!  She did a pretty good job keeping them in.

I had trouble getting a good picture of her Sunday dress and then apparently when I took this picture my camera was set on some funky setting.  This is a really pretty Rosalina dress and the blue just makes her eyes even bluer!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drink more water...

It's always been a joke in our family about how much my mom pushes water.  If you go and tell her your arm is falling off and you're gushing blood she'll tell you to drink more water.  When you leave the house she'll ask if you want a water bottle and if you say no she'll tell you to take one anyway.  Apparently my mom has rubbed off on Emmie as she LOVES water and she loves to give water to everyone around her.
Emmie loves to bring me my cup and make me in she holds the straw in my mouth until she's satisfied I've had enough to drink!

When her pool is out she likes to fill up a cup of water and chase Franklin around until she's satisfied he's well hydrated.  Luckily Franklin likes to drink a lot of water.  We do have to let him out to use the bathroom many times over the next few hours!  Emmie also likes to give Franklin cups of water while she's taking a bath.

Uncle Ben LOVES water as much as Emmie.  Here they are discussing how great water is.

Emmie enjoying her water!