Saturday, March 29, 2014

3 Months

I am 3 months (and 2 days) old!

  • I wear a size 3 month or 3-6 months clothes and a size 1 diaper.
  • I started sleeping better this month and even had one night where I slept from 1045-8 with a little stirring around at 430 that my pacifier fixed. Most nights I sleep from 1030ish-4 or 5 and then go back to sleep until around 7 or 8. I take a few short naps during the day and one 2-3 hour nap after lunch.
  • I have big, bright blue eyes and dark brown hair (although it is starting to get lighter). I am super expressive which my people find very entertaining.
  • I'm still a very happy baby. I don't like laying on a blanket as much as I used to but I LOVE sitting in my bumbo and watching the world around me. I especially like to sit in my bumbo on the table while everyone eats...I drool a ton and move my mouth like I'm's pretty funny!
  • I still sleep in my swing or bouncer for naps and my crib at bedtime.
  • I love my sisters so much. I love when they play with me and read to me.
  • I love to be read to.
  • I roll from front to back. When I'm on my back I can roll onto my side...I just can't figure out where to go after that!
  • This month I developed a deep dislike for my carseat. Mommy thinks it's because I don't like being strapped in. I pretty much cry the whole time we're in the car. Mommy says it's ok as long as I continue to sleep well at night.
  • My sisters gave me a little baby doll to play with and I love her.
  • This month I played in the sandbox and had so much fun!

  • I don't spit up very much anymore but have replaced with spit up with rivers of drool. I can go through 3-4 bibs in a morning.
Look closely and you can see the drool! (Also, look at those beautiful big eyes!)

  • This month I went to the zoo for the first time. I was mostly unimpressed.
  • I have been in the baby swing on the swing set a few times. I like it as long as the pusher starts out really slow!
  • I still love my pacifier but have started to replace it with my fingers.
( I normally suck on my ring finger and middle finger but will occasionally try to find my thumb.)

  • This week Mommy went back to work. I have done pretty well with the transition.
  • So far I seem to enjoy the nursery at church and when Mommy picks me up they always tell her how sweet I am!
  • I love to ride in the stroller when we go on walks.
  • This month we went and stayed at Aunt Suzy and Uncle Clyde's house for a weekend and I got to meet Mammy (my great-grandmother) and all the little girl cousins! I had lots of fun and the day we got there I was a little overwhelmed and grumpy but I slept well and was so happy the rest of the trip!

  • I love getting a bath and have discovered that if I kick my feet it splashes the water!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Future Sorority Girl

The girls helped me paint the letters for Ruthie's wall yesterday. Ellie gave up after a few minutes but Emmie sat and painted them all. Sitting and painting with her reminded me of the many hours I spent in college sitting with some of my best friends painting presents for our Delta Zeta little sisters! Emmie's getting an early start...also have I mentioned that her class at school this year is the "terrific turtles"...coincidence? I think not! My future Delta Zeta is getting an early start :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


My mom was coming to visit last Monday and since it was going to be a beautiful day we decided to meet her at the zoo! Normally a zoo visit takes us 2 hrs max...this trip to the zoo took almost 4 hours! Emmie and Ellie were sooo into all the zoo animals and rides. The girls had a great time showing Gran all the wonderful things at the zoo and we've decided that we're going to have to go back after tax season and take Grandaddy.

There was a flamingo right up at the fence which I've never seen before. It was a little freaky to have one so close but kind of cool as well.

Emmie loves feeding the little giraffes.

Ellie gave the giraffe a piece of lettuce and then let Gran do the rest.
The girls totally worked the system. We were going to Chick-fil-A for lunch and I told the girls they could have an ICEE at the zoo or an ice cream at CFA. So Emmie picked the ICEE and Ellie picked the ice cream and they shared with each other. I love this picture of them sharing the ICEE. Ellie was laying on the top of the funny!
After the zoo we went to lunch and then back to our house where I put Gran to measuring and cutting fabric for the curtains and dust ruffle in Emmie and Ellie's room. I finished the curtains the other night and am so pleased with how they turned out!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cousins Weekend

Last weekend we went to Aunt Suzy and Uncle Clyde's house for a weekend with the little girl cousins. Sadly, Mary Jane was sick so she and Emma weren't able to come and we really missed them but are already making plans for another weekend of fun.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and Suzy and Clyde fixed us an amazing dinner featuring one of my family's favorites...fried okra!

After dinner the girls played and then close to bedtime Clyde sat down and played some songs on the piano. Emmie had been playing in the back of the house and about 5 seconds after Clyde started playing she popped up next to him. She loves music so much!
Emmie and Clyde at the piano
Kim, Abby, and Riley stayed at Suzy and Clyde's house as well and Abby and Riley were so sweet and let Emmie tuck them in at bedtime and naptime.
Riley, Abby, Emmie, and Ellie getting ready for bed

On Saturday we had a big, delicious breakfast and then hung around the house. The girls played with the dress up clothes, sang, danced, played with playdoh, played many games of hide and seek, played with bubbles.

Mammy (their great-grandmother) came for lunch along with Uncle Allen and Aunt Sonja.
Mammy holding Ruthie for the first time.

After naps we headed to the park to ride the carousel and the train. The carousel was gorgeous and everyone had lots of fun.

Riley, Laura Ann, Abby, Ellie, Emmie, and Ruthie with Mammy

Kim, Riley, Abby

Laura Ann, Carla, Suzy


We then headed to a different, less crowded, park to play on the playground while Suzy and Clyde took Mammy back. After the girls played for a bit we headed back to Suzy and Clyde's for a delicious dinner. (Can you tell we ate well!)

We headed home Sunday after breakfast and my girls were so sad to leave Suzy and Clyde's house. They just love them and Suzy and Clyde are always so sweet to the girls.
Ruthie played cards with the girls after naptime.

Gin-g and Abby playing the piano.
Ruthie got lots of snuggles!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Emmie got her dance recital costume on Tuesday. The little girls were so cute all dressed up in their fancy costumes! They all loved the outfits but I think the best part for all of them was that it came with a little teddy bear wearing the same outfit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Donuts with Dad

Tuesday was Donuts with Dad at preschool. Paul had to be out of town that day so Papa went with Emmie and they had a great time!
Emmie and her classmates had been busy the last few weeks making things for their dads and I was so impressed with ALL that they had done! The teachers and kids really did a great job making the dads (and Papas) feel special!
The kids had made placemats for the dads to eat on.

They also had ties for the dads to cute! Emmie told me that maybe Paul could wear his to church...I agreed :)

Emmie made a tile with her handprint on it and she's so happy that Paul is going to put it in his office at work!

The best part was the little book she made about her dad.

My dad's favorite color is blue.
What does your dad look like? He looks like a work man. He was the same hair like me. He was pretty eyes.
My dad and I like to... My dad likes to watch the ice skating. (hahaha...can you tell the Olympics were on when she was making this!? I thought this was hilarious!) He likes playing with me.
My dad likes to eat... My daddy likes to eat chips and pizza. He likes to eat toast. (She hit the nail on the head with this answer!)
My dad is good at...He is good at drawing with me. He is good at cleaning up with me.
I love my dad because...Because he loves to snuggle with me. Because he covers me up when it is bedtime.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Who's Who?

Can you tell which baby is which? Vote on the side of the blog!

Baby A

Baby B
Baby C

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2 months

I am 2 months (and 3 days) old!

  • I weigh 10lb 11oz (38th percentile) and am 22.25in long (44th percentile). At 2 mo Mommy was 9lb 6oz and 23in. At 6 weeks Daddy was 8lb 7oz and 21in.
  • I wear a size 1 diaper, a size 3-6mo sleeper, 0-3mo pants, and 3-6mo onesies.
  • At night I generally have one 4-5 hour stretch between feeds and then the rest of the night and day I eat every 3 hours.
  • I sleep in my crib at night and take naps in my swing, although I will occasionally nap in my crib. I will generally take 2-3 short naps (under an hour) during the day and one 2hr nap while Ellie takes her nap.
  • In the absence of a swing I will just fall asleep wherever I am!
  • I generally go to bed pretty well at night. Mommy lays me down awake and sometimes she has to give me my pacifier but sometimes I'll go to sleep without it.
  • My spitting up has tapered off which Mommy appreciates!
  • I smile all the time and love to "talk" and "sing".  I make lots of sweet baby noises!

  • I love my sisters and I light up whenever I see them. Emmie will sit and sing and read to me but generally Ellie just runs over and says "hi" and gives me a kiss and then she's off again

  • I'm still trying to figure out my furry brother...he likes to lick me and I'm not so sure about that.

  • I love listening to books.
  • I got my Kristy quilt this's gorgeous!

  • I can roll from front to back although I don't do it very often.
  • I am pretty content to do tummy time. I like that when I'm on my tummy I can lift up my head and see what's going on around me.
  • I LOVE to sit in my bumbo.
  • I'm trying really, really hard to find my thumb.
  • Today was my first day in the nursery at church. Everyone said that I was a very sweet baby. I had a good time laying on the mat and playing, my new bff Cecilia laid down beside me and we had a long conversation, and then after Mommy came and fed me I took a nice nap in the crib. Church definitely wore me out as I slept right through Mommy picking me up and the ride home!

  • I don't really like to sit in my carrier if I'm awake. I like to sit up where I can see everything going on around me. People always remark about how alert I am!
  • This month I've been going to bible study with Mommy and I always steal the show! This week I'll start going to the nursery and I'm looking forward to hanging out with some new friends.
  • This month I went on my first trip to Summerville to visit Papa and GG and I had lots of fun checking out their house.

  • This month we had another bout of snow. I was not such a fan of the cold so I just stayed inside while my sisters played.
  • I have started being able to grip objects (like a rattle) but haven't figured out how to play with them yet.
  • I still like to lay on the floor and wiggle around...I have TONS of energy!
  • I like to sit up in the stroller when we go for walks so that I can see the world.
  • I went to the playgroup Valentine's party but it was a little too wild and loud for my tastes!
  • I got shots at the doctor's office Friday and was pretty pitiful afterwards. That afternoon I screamed whenever I was awake and I NEVER scream about anything so Mommy knew I was hurting. Fortunately I slept most of the afternoon.
I was just starting to blog when Emmie was 2mo old so I don't have a 2mo post for her but here is Ellie's post.

Emmie at 2 months.

Ellie at 2 months.