Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

My dad's office had trick or treating for the employee's children and grandchildren today so we headed up there for some fun times! It was really fun to see everyone's costumes and it was very nice to trick or treat in the warm indoors!

(My dad has a bulldog on his head in case you were wondering.)

Stopping for some refreshments!

Ellie made a friend! They both had shed their costumes by this point but Ellie's little friend was an adorable watermelon!

Hanging out in Grandaddy's office afterwards.

When we got back to my parent's house Emmie had lots of fun handing out candy...until a boy with a very scary mask showed up...she threw the candy at him and took off down the hall...hilarious!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

I feel like I haven't updated our goings on for a while. Part of my problem is that I keep forgetting to take my camera with us when we go places. I've also temporarily misplaced my camera twice this week. When I don't have pictures to post I'm much slacker about updating the blog!

-Friday we went to the Children's Garden with Emmie's friend Will who will be 3 in January. We met Will at My Gym when Emmie was around a year old. Emmie was still pretty much too little to jump on the trampoline but during Free Play she would sit on it and Will would jump...she loved it! Will would always come and find Emmie and say "Come jump baby." So cute! Anway, we hadn't seen Will in a long time but Emmie and Will were in the same class one Saturday and now that his mom, Carissa, isn't working anymore they're free during the week. They had so much fun running around at the Children's Garden and Carissa, Ellie, and I had a great time hanging out. Will was so sweet with Ellie. One time he came over and gave her a hug and as soon as he moved away Emmie stepped in and wrapped her arms around Ellie and cut her eyes at in, "this is MY baby". It was pretty funny. Will's dad actually works for the same company as my dad and Jason just started working some in the Greenville office and eventually they will move up there.  See, all my friends move.

-Monday we went to the Children's Garden with Lindsay from work and her little boy Mason (8ish months) and Marie Lousie from church and her girls Evelyn (2) and Libby (8ish months). My camera actually did make it that day but I was pretty slack with my picture taking. I think everyone had a good time although Emmie kept hugging Evelyn and knocking her down. She doesn't give the most gentle of hugs.

Emmie hugging Mason.

        Hugging Evelyn.
        Mason, Emmie, Ellie, Libby (she's over there with ML), and Evelyn.

    -Wednesday we went to My Gym where Emmie introduced herself during circle time. (In our world this is a big deal. All these kids who are normally so outspoken suddenly become super shy when it's time to say their name!) Later in the day we went to Publix where I saved over 50% and got some great deals on diapers and wipes!
    -Today we went over to play with Jackson and his mom Christina. Jackson and Emmie were HILARIOUS! I thought I had my camera with me but it had fallen out in the car and I hate that I didn't get any pictures. Jackson has tons of great toys, including a swing set! They laughed and played and ran around after each cute! Jackson's swing set has a little clubhouse and there's a door on the bottom and every time they went over to the door he would hold it open for Emmie...what a gentleman! Jackson and Emmie were standing next to each other and Jackson lifted his arm up like he was going to put it around her and then changed his was like a flashforward to their teenage years! Christina and I both saw it and we laughed pretty hard! -I love to watch Emmie play with other kids. Sometimes she does more of the "parallel play" where they both play but don't really interact and sometimes, like with Jackson, she plays WITH her friend which is so much fun to watch! -The past 2 nights Ellie has slept for about 10 hours straight...woohoo! One night she went to sleep around 8 slept until about 5:40 and then went back down until 7:45 and last night she "went to bed" at 8 but actually was up till about 9:30 and then slept until 7:30 this morning. She did wake up around 1:15 but I went in her room, put the pacifier in the mouth, patted her back about three times and went back to bed. I've definitely enjoyed the extra sleep! -Ellie's been working on her tummy time. I laid her on my bed today while I was standing beside her folding laundry and she enjoyed it because she could see me really well.
    -Other than the whole not wanting to sleep for long periods of time at night thing (hopefully we've turned a corner on that) Ellie is a great baby. She's so happy and loves to just lay around on a blanket and watch all the craziness around her. She is sooo smiley and has started really laughing...such a great sound! She only takes little catnaps but as long as she's happy I'm ok with that.
    -When she's not yelling "no" or completely ignoring what you say, Emmie is at a really fun age right now. Everything is a new adventure and the other day she got out of bed and started dancing around the kitchen laughing at the top of her lungs...what a great way to start the day!
    -I'm watch a lot of primetime TV but there are some shows I'm currently obsessed with. I love Big Bang Theory. Always have, always will. Castle, NCIS, X Factor, Mentalist, Desperate, and Greys...all good. I also really like's a good twist on a cop show. But my OBSESSION is Revenge. It's on ABC and it is riveting! It was only supposed to be a one season show but apparently it's such a hit they've found a way to stretch it to a second season. I just hope they don't ruin it. This year I stopped watching Private Practice and I must say, I haven't missed it. I'm considering giving up NCIS Los Angeles.
    -Emmie is currently quite interested in all the leaves that are falling. I can't wait until we have a yard full of leaves that we (meaning Paul) can rake in to a big pile and let her jump in them!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This weekend Paul took Emmie to pick out a pumpkin and then "they" (meaning Paul) carved the pumpkin. Emmie wasn't so into the messiness of scooping out the pumpkin insides but she was quite proud of the final results. I worked all weekend and Monday morning when she woke up she told me ALL about her pumpkin!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Style Section

One of the nice things about the cooler weather is the girls get to wear all their new fall clothes!

Ellie was not so happy about getting her picture taken. I love this little warm up suit and she has on a light blue onesie with white polka dots underneat...adorable!

A much happier baby! You know I love all the polka dots!

There's an Ellie-phant on her shirt!

I love this little Gymboree dress! I think this was a Tot Trade find.

I didn't realize it until I put Ellie in this outfit but Emmie has a tshirt that coordinates with Ellie's onesie. (I bought the outfits at different times.)  Emmie had worn it the day before though so it was dirty but next time I'll put them in their ladybug shirts ont the same day. Once again, I'm loving the polka dots!

I love these matching butterfly shirts.  And I worked very hard to get them to take a picture together. Emmie gets upset when you take her pictures because she wants to take the picture (while still getting her picture taken...she hasn't quite figured out the logistics of the whole thing). All day Emmie kept telling me that she and Ellie had butterflies on their shirts...she was so excited about having the same shirt as her sister(which is fortunate for her because they have quite a few matching outfits!).

This was also a Tot Trade find and I love the bold colors! Gin-g had gone to put Emmie in jeans and Emmie said no but that she wanted to wear her boots (she's sooo my child!). She told Fred that her jeans scratch her. (I also think she got pinched by the snap one day and now she's traumatized for life. Plus, I think they pinch since her stomach's so big!)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


On Monday Chesnee kept Ellie so I could take Emmie to the fair. It's always fun to have an outing with my big girl and I really like to take her places she's never been before! She was quite fascinated by the sights and sounds at the fair and I think she could have people watched the whole time and been quite content!

One of the big reasons we went was so she could see the animals. Sadly, the big farm animals, like the cows, were in their barn which was being cleaned so we couldn't go in. We did get to see some elephants, sheep, goats, a camel, lots of ducks and chickens, and rabbits. Emmie also got to pet a rabbit and she LOVED that!

There were really weren't many rides she could go on but I was able to take her on the carousel. We had tried that at the zoo once and she was not a fan. This time we sat on one of the benches instead of on a horse and she did much better!

Monday, October 17, 2011

22 Months

I am 22 months!

  • I wear a size 5 diaper.
  • I wear size 18-24 month or 2t pants, 2t or 3t shirts, 24month or 2t dresses, and size 6 shoes.
  • I have a HUGE vocabulary and I talk in 3-4 word sentences.
  • I can sing my ABCs through "g".
  • I am working on counting.
  • I can usually identify a circle.
  • Sometimes I can tell you the color of an item (pink, purple, and yellow are the ones I'm most likely to get right).
  • I'm a modest little thing...well, most of the time. 

  • I love my Ellie. I love to help Mommy and Daddy take care of Ellie and I've gotten pretty good about watching out to make sure I don't step on Ellie.
  • I love playing with my baby dolls. I buckle them in the carrier, put them in the swing, give them lots of hugs and kisses!
  • This month I have enjoyed watching the Gamecocks play on Saturdays. I talk about the "cock-cocks" a lot and I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE is a Gamecock fan (as they should be).
  • This month I got to meet Mommy's friends Katie Page and Brook Bishop and Brook's little boy.

  • I got red shoes and pink boots this month...what more could a girl need?

  • This month I went to Summerville to visit GG, PaPa, and Uncle Bake (Blake). While we were there we went to the Fire Museum and I got to go to a Summerville football game and watch PaPa coach. I had lots of fun at the game!

  • I love to help in the kitchen.

  • I pretty much always have a bow in my hair and I'm good about not pulling it out (unless I'm in the car or if I'm hanging around with Daddy).
  • Abby and Ben (my honorary aunt and uncle) came to visit.

  • I went to the Children's Garden with Ivy this month...I am so sad that she's going to be moving back to Greenville.

  • I went to the fair with Mommy (more on that later this week).
  • I went to Boo at the Zooo this month and had soooo much fun. Trick or treating is great!

Halloween 2010...I've changed a lot in a year!

  • I got hand foot and mouth this month but fortunately I seem to have had a mild case of it and I've been a trooper through the whole thing.
  • I got to see my friend Addison this month (and her friend, also named Addison). We went to the zoo and it was sooo much fun!