Thursday, May 30, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Summerville with Paul's parents. Paul and the little kids headed down Friday morning and I got the big girls out of school about an hour early and we headed down. Paul played in a golf tournament all weekend and Friday evening Paul and I went to the dinner they had out at the golf course and Paul's parents took the kids to CFA.

Saturday we took the kids to the pool in the morning and then came home and took some much needed naps in the afternoon (and poor Paul went to play golf in the hundred degree heat).
One of Paul's good friends growing up, Megan, had her kids out at the pool. Her daughter went right to Emmie and grabbed on to her. Emmie loved it!

SO HOT. And it hasn't been any cooler any of the days since then. OVER IT!

The kids always look forward to Saturday evening. They do dinner at the club, there are lots of other kids there age to play with, and there is dancing. They had SO much fun! They only see most of the other kids once a year but they always are so excited to see each other. We also got there early enough to see Paul finish up his round of golf.

Selfies while we wait for Paul.

Sunday morning we went back to the pool (because there isn't really anything else to do when it's over 100 outside! And we love the pool). Sunday afternoon the kids played at the house with PaPa while Gin-g and I did some outlet shopping. Always fun!
Kiddos snuggled in the bed together watching something on the ipad.

We had dinner Sunday night and then headed back to Columbia! JP got to stay at GiGi and PaPa's house for a few extra days after we left so he was excited about that!

Monday the kids and I went to the pool for a few hours. It's so awful that the water in the pool is already WARM and it's only May! Monday afternoon Paul and I took the girls and met Amy and Evelyn at the movies to see the live action Aladdin in 3d. It was SO good! The origianly Aladdin is not one of my favorite Disney movies but this one was SO good and it was really fun to see it in 3D. After the movies we took the girls to San Jose for dinner (Ellie's suggestion...clearly we're raising our kids right!).

We had a wonderful weekend...only 1 more week until school gets out! We are SO ready for summer.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Little Reader

I am SO proud of my Ellie Belly! They do reading counts at school (you read a book on your reading level, take a quiz, and get points) and this year she earned 500 points!! I don't know much about what's "normal" but apparently 500 is a LOT of points, especially for a second grader. Ellie reads ALL.THE.TIME. She also just took her last sri test of the year (which determines their reading level) and she is one away from the top! This girl blows me away with her love for reading and it makes me so happy!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Last Day of Preschool

Last day of preschool.
First day of preschool.

Today was Ruthie's last day of preschool. It is hard to believe that our sweet baby #3 will start kindergarten in the fall! Ruthie has had such a wonderful year as a Jammin' Jellyfish this year with Mrs. Shelley and Mrs. Teresa.

Today, the school had their end of the year program and JP, Gran, and I enjoyed hearing her sing.

JP was NOT into picture taking.

She did such a great job (which I knew she would bc she practices her songs all.the.time. in the car).

I can't believe how much this sweet girl has grown this every aspect! She is so ready for kindergarten and JP is ready to get started with his preschool time in the fall!
Roo with her sweet friend Sloane.

Roo going through the tunnel!

Another one of Roo's sweet friends, Elise.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Preschool Field Day

Ruthie's preschool had field day on Friday and JP and I went and helped set up and then hung around to watch the kids. The preschoolers had SO much fun and JP even got to join in on most things so he loved that!
The kids had to hold the ball between them (with no hands) and then walk to the sidewalk. They did surprisingly well!

Who doesn't love a parachute!?!

The kids had to pass the sponge over and under down the line and then at the end they squeezed out the water. Some of the kids were very careful to try and avoid the drips when they put the sponge over their heads and some would squeeze the sponge as they lifted it over their was pretty entertaining to watch!

The beginning of the obstacle course. JP spent a LONG time doing the obstacle course and then running back to the beginning. 

Such a big kid waiting his turn to do the obstacle course again!

And sometimes you just get worn out and need a break!

After field day the kids went inside and had ice cream! They finished up their day with their morning meeting and it was so fun to see all the things Ruthie has been learning this year. We love her teachers so much!
Ruthie and her buddy Sloane. They are such good friends and the really neat thing is that Sloane's mom and I are sorority sisters and lived next to each other one year in college!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Emmie's Summerville Trip

I'm so far behind on my blogging but a few months ago Emmie went to Summerville for her visit to GiGi and PaPa's house by herself. 
They went to Boone Hall Plantation since Emmie has been studying SC history in 3rd grade. 

Learning about Gullah music.

They also went to a playground and to Shem Creek for dinner. Emmie really enjoys when she gets to go to grown up restaurants (and I'm sure PaPa and GiGi are glad for a break from CFA and Moe's!). 

She also helped GiGi arrange some flowers. Emmie is so creative and loves the arts so arranging flowers is right up her alley and her GiGi is an excellent person to learn flower arranging from...she has such a gift for it!

Emmie had so much fun and I'm so glad that she realizes how special this time is with her grandparents.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Spa Day

Yesterday after dinner I set up a "spa" in the bathroom and gave everyone pedicures. The kids were all excited about it but Ellie was super excited so I felt like I needed to do it up a little bit! They got to pick out their polish color, soak their feet, drink "spa water" (water with orange and lemon in it), have their feet rubbed with a mint salt scrub, have soy candle lotion rubbed into their feet, and have their toenails painted (JP sat that part out). They had the BEST time! My sweet Emmie offered to give me a pedicure. I might just take her up on it soon!
None of them really liked the water but they were so thrilled that we had "fancy" water that they drank it anyway!