Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It has been a CRAZY week of Halloween fun around our house this week.

Tuesday after school we had a Halloween party at a friend's house. A did a great job with the party and had the cutest scavenger hunt for the kids...they loved all the goodies they found!

decorating cupcakes!

Poor Ellie was worn out...she had school in the morning and then we went straight to the party.

Ellie was NOT wanting to take pictures...I love her expression!

Thursday was Ellie's party at school.

trick or treating! The staff always has lots of treat for the kids.

Sweet friends

Friday was Emmie's school party (Ellie and Ruthie tagged along)...

coloring sheets

(you can barely see Ruthie in the middle of the circle...she was so into everything the big kids were doing...she even followed them down the hall when they went to wash hands)

playing a Halloween matching game

making pumpkin masks

Ellie and Sam cute

Emma and Ellie reading

Witch's hat ring toss game

Matching game

Snack time!

There were two students who weren't there today so Ellie lucked out and got a treat plate.

pumpkin mask picture!

trick or treating

After school we went and had pictures taken by Cynthia Pace. Even though Ruthie was DONE we still got some great pictures. Cynthia Pace takes BEAUTIFUL pictures and at Halloween she does free pictures. She's so good with the kids and the pictures are definitely worth the trip to Lexington! I love having a few pictures where everyone is holding still and looking at the camera.

Our picture from 2 years's amazing how much changes in 2 years!

This evening we went to Jackson's house and had pizza, trick or treated, and roasted marshmallows.


Emmie and Jackson. I LOVE Emmie's face in this picture.

Olivia was Little Bo Peep too!

Ellie and Chase digging into their stash.

After all this fun I'm ready for a little break...hopefully November will be more restful!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10 months

I am 10 months (and 2 days) old!

"Though she be but little, she is fierce!" ~Shakespeare

  • I am 17lb 1oz (about 10th percentile) and 27in (about 20th percentile). I am teeny tiny!
  • I wear a size 3 diaper and 9-12mo clothes.
  • I have light brown hair (that's pretty curly in the back!) and it seems that my eyes are hazel.
  • I eat pretty much whatever the rest of the family is eating. (With the exception of honey, nut products, shellfish, and things that are heavily sauced.) I love pretty much everything. I'm not a big cheese or egg eater and I'm hit or miss on oatmeal. I don't like being fed with a spoon...I will let you put the food in my mouth and then I try to take it out and put it back in with my messy! Fruits and veggies are my favorite...I haven't met one that I didn't like!

  • I am breastfed 2 times a day and get a bottle of breastmilk at lunch and at 4. (Mommy's trying to use up the supply in the freezer!) I'm never super thrilled about the bottle but we're getting there.

  • I LOVE table food but am kind of over the whole breastfeeding/bottle thing. I just want to be like my big sisters.
  • I sleep from 7:30ish-7:30ish (sometimes Mommy will get lucky and I'll sleep until 8!). I will sometimes take a quick (20min) morning nap if we're out running errands and I nap for about 2-2.5hrs in the afternoon.
  • I am pulling up to my feet all the time now! I can even pull up on "flat" surfaces like the back door and the refrigerator.

  • Every now and then I'll take a step or two while holding on to furniture. I like to walk while holding on to someone's fingers but generally tire of it quickly because I can crawl so much faster!
  • I give the best hugs.
  • I love the camera. As soon as I see it I smile really big and will either stop and pose or crawl towards the camera.

  • I have recently started babbling A LOT. In addition to all the jabber I can say "mama", "eh-ye" (Ellie), eww (things you learn when you have big sisters...), "hey" (and I'll often lift up my arm when I say it),"da-da", "ba-ba" (which sometimes I'll use to mean baby). I always use "eh-y" in the correct context but the others are hit or miss.
  • I cry when we walk into the church nursery. However, I stop crying quickly once Mommy is gone and am pretty happy until she comes to pick me up (and then I try to make her feel guilty but starting to cry...she's not buying it though).
  • I still suck on my 2 center fingers on my left hand.

  • I'm learning to climb...this month I climbed into my bouncer! I've also learned to climb a flight of stairs...Mommy was not ready for me to learn that skill yet!

  • I have the BEST sisters in the world. They love me so much and are so sweet to me. I love to "wrestle" them and they never mind me crawling all over them or grabbing their hair, eyes, mouth, etc. I love, love, love to give them hugs.

  • I LOVE my baby doll. I like all baby dolls but this one is my favorite. I get upset if I'm holding it and someone picks me up and leaves the doll behind.

  • This month I got to go to the farm TWICE. Once with Emmie and once with Ellie. I even got a little pumpkin out of the whole experience...I love my pumpkin!

  • I have such a wonderful personality. I am so sweet and loving but I'm not nearly as much of a cuddler as I used to be. I love to get down and explore and play. I am pretty happy most of the time and am pretty agreeable if naptimes have to be adjusted. I love to laugh and sometimes things will just tickle my funny bone and I will laugh and laugh over silly things.  The other day Emmie was making silly faces and I thought it was hilarious!

  • We went to the zoo this month and I was much more interested in the animals than I have been in the past.

  • My eczema was pretty good most of the month but has recently flared back up (I've also started drooling some so mommy thinks I might be getting some MORE teeth.). At my doctor's appointment today I got some new cream so hopefully that will help.
  • We went to Boo at the Zoo this month and I'm excited about rick or treating on Halloween! I love my lamb costume!

  • This month I went to Summerville and attended my first Greenwave game!

  • I love to drink water out of a cup. I do best with the "take and toss" cups. I love to swipe Emmie and Ellie's water!
  • I don't like loud machine noises. Things like the vacuum cleaner and the sewing machine upset me. I'm getting better about the sewing machine though...Mommy says I'd better get used to it because she has lots of projects to work on!
  • I keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes. I am so fast and I am into everything!
  • I love to be outside. I'm especially a big fan of the swing on the swing set...the higher the better! I really like it when Emmie pushes me.