Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Style Section

How cute is this little outfit? It was one of my mom's consignment finds. I did spend a lot of time pulling the skirt up and the sweater down...poor Emmie...her big ol tummy just does does a number with her clothes! (I do love her big tummy though...she looks sooo grown up and that tummy makes her still look like a baby!)

I love this little jumper. I got it at Daff-a-deals back in the spring and Laura monogrammed it for me.

Love the curls!

I ADORE this dress on Emmie. She's not too much a fan of it for some reason but I can talk her into it every now and then.

Ellie in her Summerville gear! My fashionista, Emmie, decked Ellie out with some jewelry as well.

Emmie's Summerville gear. We have the tummy issue again with the pants but what can you do?! I LOVE her bow. I also love that she is covered in jewelry AND has her purse (in case your wondering, she has her water cup and Ellie's...Gran will be so proud!).

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stella's Birthday

I'm so late posting this but better late than never!
A few weeks ago we went to little Miss Stella's FIRST birthday party! Stella's mom Leslie is my DZ big sis and I was so excited that the girls and I were able to go celebrate Stella's birthday!
Somehow Emmie acquired a piece of rock candy...she LOVED it and managed to wear a lot of it!

Some of the kids playing.

Stella getting ready for her cupcake!

She wasn't so sure about the idea and it definitely took her awhile to get into the whole cupcake thing but she finally decided she liked it!


PS. We also found out at Stella's birthday that Baby Stoehr #2 is a BOY! We can't wait to meet Davis Miller! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012


Ellie spent the first year of her life running away from books. I'm not even joking, as soon as we pulled out a book, Ellie would be gone. Recently however she has developed an Emmie-like love for books and I'm THRILLED! It bothered me so much that she didn't like books. I ADORE books and I just couldn't imagine having a child that didn't like books!
The other day Ellie was in her room being very quiet so I went to check on her, sure that she would be up to no good and this is what I found:

And this is what I found the other day when I got out of the shower:

(after reading the same book 539,297 times a day, right side up becomes boring)

And now she spends most of the day handing me books to read. I also love that she INSISTS on sitting in my lap while I read them. Not only do I get to "read" (who are we kidding...I have them memorized) Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb and Goodnight Moon 1,334,987 times a day but I get to cuddle with my sweet baby while I do! Ellie's repitoire of books is also expanding quickly....THANK GOODNESS. I'm pretty sure if I'd had to read Brown Bear 1 more time I might have gone insane! One thing I've loved is seeing how she "reads" a book. Emmie has always been a big picture reader. Ellie likes to look at all the minor details in the picture. For instance, did you know that on the bookshelf in Goodnight Moon (I'm not sure I even knew there was a bookshelf) there is a baby doll? Ellie noticed it about the second time we read the book. I think her attention to detail at such an early age is pretty neat but really I think everything she does is pretty neat.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Style Section

Sunday Style Section is back! We're getting into the fall clothes so I have new material to work with! My mom and I got lots of cute clothes at our consignment sales this year :)

I LOVE this outfit. It was a consignment find in the spring...I love the little smocked top with the flared pants and depending on how much Emmie grows this winter, she might even be able to still wear it in the spring! 

Love this outfit! It's a Gymboree outfit that I found at Tot Trade. It also came with a headband and matching apple socks...quite the find! (By the way, the little bow has an apple on it!)

My little leopard girl! The top is a hoodie and she got the biggest kick out of wearing her hood up!

Today everyone wore their plaid to church :) Ellie tossed our navy bow at the grocery store one day when I wasn't looking but it would have looked great with this dress!

How cute is Emmie's little pig outfit? Both of these dresses were consignment sale finds!

(My crew was not so enthusiastic about pictures this morning.)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Children's Garden

We went to the Children's Garden today with Kenzie and Jackson. It was a BEAUTIFUL day (think 80 and sunny!) and the kids all had a great time! We brought lunch but I don't think any of the kids ate much...they were much more interested in playing. They had hay bales set out in preperation for the Fall Festival and the kids had a great time plyaing on them and we got some great pictures!

The kids had a great time in the hay maze!

Trying to get them all togethe for a picture was quite the chore but we ended up being relatively successful!

I don't know what Kenzie and Emmie were doing but they were having a geat time doing it!

All of the kids NOT looking at the camera.

I LOVE this picture of Kenzie and Emmie.

All the girls.

Peek-a-boo Ellie!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

14 months!

I am 14 months! (and 2 days)

  • I wear a size 12-18mo or 18-24mo. I wear a size 4 shoe and a size 4 diaper.
  • I have 8 teeth. Four on the bottom and four on the top (no new teeth this month but i have a bunch that are about to come in).
  • I have the most adorable curls in the back of my head! When it's humid they get really tight and Mommy LOVES them!
  • This month I took my first steps. I can take about 6 or 7 steps at a time but I much prefer to crawl and I require significant motivation before walking. I'm still pretty wobbly too. Mommy has caught me in a room by myself a few time practicing my standing and walking...I just want to make sure I get it perfect!
  • This month I had my first trip to the lake and my first boat ride. I loved going FAST!

  • I went to the zoo a few times this month and was even brave enough to feed the giraffe! I also love the little train ride at the zoo.

  • Some of my new words this month include "Ben", "eat",  "flower", "fish", "wawa" (water), and "eye". I sign more and please very well. When I sign please, instead of patting my chest I pat my's pretty funny!
  • I love to skype!
  • This month I passed out for the first time. I'm pretty sure not many people can say they passed out for the first time at 13mo old! (It was my own fault though...I was holding my breath becuase I got mad.)
  • Recently I have started wanting to walk into my class at the nursery. I stop when I get to the door and turn around and scream bloody murder but for a minute I'm excited about going. Mommy's pretty sure I'm a bit of a pill in the nursery and cry a lot.
  • I LOVE to eat. Not big on veggies but I like fruit and I LOVE chicken and pork. I also do really well with a spoon and fork!

  • This month I moved from the highchair to the booster seat.
  • I LOVE my big sister and I love playing with her and just being around her.
  • I like to color.
  • I'm starting to like books more. I love Goodnight Moon, touch and feel books, and of course Brown  Bear.
  • I have sooo much personality and am generally pretty easy going.
  • I love to play with baby dolls.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last week there were a few nights where Paul didn't get home until well after the girls' bedtime so I was working hard to provide entertainment for that hour between dinner and bathtime. One night we went and checked out the new yogurt place on Clemson Rd. It was sooo good! The girls enjoyed it so much that I had to take their shirts off before we got in the car to go home because they were so sticky with yogurt!