Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to eat an apple...

I left Emmie alone with an apple for a few minutes today and this was all that was left when I came back! Apparently she's been taking apple eating lessons from Grandaddy (who takes great pride in eating ALL of the apple)! I'm pretty sure the Giant (aka Uncle Ben) eats his that way too! (Emmie does tell me often that she wants to be a giant when she grows up,)
She is currently in the back yard planting the apple seeds that she meticulously picked out. 
Love my funny bunny!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in our lives!

I grew up with a wonderful dad. He took me to lots of sporting events growing up and gave me a love for football :) He came to lots of violin concerts to watch me (and the back of his eyelids). He came to all of my swim meets and was the best stroke and turn judge ever ;). I always knew that when I got married I wanted to marry someone like my dad (except my husband would have to be able to pick out his own clothes ;) ). I'm so grateful to have a dad who showed me what a good husband and father looks like. I have really loved seeing my dad as a Grandaddy to my girls. They love him so much and he's always willing to push someone on the swing or chase them around the house.

I was so fortunate to get a wonderful father-in-law when I married Paul. I'm so grateful to Fred for raising Paul and being such a good example of what a loving, Godly, father looks like. Fred has always been so good to me. From the very beginning he was so welcoming to me and he even painted many different colors on the walls in our house (if you know him, you know this is love...up until Paul and I bought our house he only painted white)! It has been so much fun to watch the tough football coach love on all my little girls. He is such a good Papa!

And of course Happy Father's Day to Paul! He is the BEST daddy to our little girls. I'm sure he never dreamed that he would have a house full of girls but he has definitely risen to the challenge. He lets them dress him up and plays the prince in every movie reenactment and he has tea parties with them. He teaches them the finer points of tee ball, golf, football, basketball, and many other sports! He has learned how to put tights on a small child, fix hair, and what dresses are church dresses. He has even (kind of) learned the necessity of little girls having a bow in their hair. He loves our little girls so much and I hope they always appreciate what a good Daddy he is! We hope you had a great Father's Day!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stitch Fix

So a few months ago I signed up for Stitch Fix. In case you haven't heard of this wonderful service let me give you the run down! You fill out a questionnaire with information about your sizes and your style and also the price point you're looking for. Then you pick a date for your stitch fix box to be delivered. You pay $20 when your box is shipped. When you receive your box it contains 5 items...generally a mix of clothing and jewelry depending on what you requested when you signed up and you have 3 days to try on the items and decide what you're keeping. Once you decide what you're keeping you check out online (and make sure you leave comments about what you liked and didn't like) and send back the items you're not keeping in the prepaid envelope. The $20 you paid previously is credited toward any items you're keeping and if you keep everything you get a discount as well.  You can sign up to receive a box every month or you can just decide when you want one and pick a date to receive it.
I was really excited about Stitch Fix because I get so frustrated when I go to the store. I have a hard time finding things that are my style and also fit well (especially post babies!). This was great because the clothes came to my house and it was a small, not overwhelming selection and I didn't have to drag any kids with me to try on the clothes!
So I got my first box at the end of April. Honestly, most of the box was a fail. I had one shirt I really liked and kept...the rest was not me at all nor did the items fit very well. (I did get some cute earrings in my box but they were so my style that I already had an almost identical pair.) I will say from friends that have done Stitch Fix I think my experience with my first box was not the norm...most people get a great one.

(the color is even prettier in person)

I decided to give Stitch Fix another go and LOVED my second box. Everything in it fit well and I had a really hard time deciding what to keep. I ended up keeping 2 shirts and a necklace. I also got a really cute cotton dress that I would have kept had it been in a different color.

LOVE this shirt and the color!

This black shirt has side ruching (no idea how to spell that lol) and looks pretty plain but it fits PERFECTLY...and I love how versatile it is...can definitely be dressed up or be worn as a casual top.

(the necklace looks gold in the pic but it's actually silver)

So if you think you'd like Stitch Fix...try it out! (And if you do, it would be great if you used my referral link!)

Sunday Style Section

Well it's been a LONG time since I did a Sunday Style got to the point where it was just too hard to chase everyone around and convince them to smile for the camera. However, today they were all dressed alike and so cute so I had to snap a quick picture on our way to church...we even got Franklin in a picture!