Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Style Section

This isn't a great picture of her little purple outfit but it's the best I had.

These are the leg warmers I got her the other day. Her legs are always so cold from scooting around on the wood floor.  In addition to being practical there's something about them that amuses me...perhaps it's the flashback to the 80s!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Setting up her house...

The other day I was putting up clothes in Emmie's room while she played in the floor and apparently while I wasn't paying attention she drug an empty Pamper's box across the room and turned it on it's side and set up a playhouse for her animals!  This was definitely one of those times that I wish I knew what was going on her head!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today we went to a friend's house to play.  Emmie and Ivy are about 10 mo. apart and Emmie was quite interested in everything Ivy was doing.  They have a pool at their house and so Emmie really enjoyed that treat...she loves the water! 

Emmie enjoyed cruising around the pool in Ivy's float. (Notice her tongue sticking out to the side?  I'm pretty sure she bit her tongue one day and realized how sharp those bottom teeth are.  So, instead of just NOT sticking out her tongue anymore she sticks it out to the side!)

Emmie enjoyed sitting in the little chair and picking pinestraw up off the ground!  I'm thinking we might be investing in a little chair for our house before too long...she had such a great time in it.  I think she felt like such a big girl because she had seen Ivy sitting there earlier.

Ivy playing by the pool.  I love her polka dot bathing suit!  She's soo cute.  Whenever you asked her anything she said "okay".  It was super cute!

Kerri and I enjoyed the adult company while our girls played.  We had lunch over there and then Emmie and I came home where she slept for an hour and then woke up and fussed the rest of the day...sigh.  Oh well.  I know her teeth are hurting (she's got 4 coming in right now)...I just wish she would have taken a longer nap!  Hopefully we can have a happy day tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9 months!

I am 9 mo. (and 4 days) old!
(Sorry this is a bit late...when you're only 9mo. old it takes awhile to type)

  • I weigh 18lb 13oz (50th percentile) and am 27.5in long (47th percentile).

  • When my daddy was my age he weighed 16lb 13oz and was 28in long.

  • When my mommy was 8mo old she weighed 15lb 9oz and was 27.25in long.

  • I can pull myself to a standing position and I pull up on everything.

  • I've learned how to push the buttons on the TV.

  • I pull everything off of the coffee table!

  • I still mostly army crawl but sometimes I will do a regular crawl.

  • This month I went to visit my daddy's extended family in NC and I had so much fun playing with Emma, Mary Jane and Laura Ann.  I loved being around all the big girls!

  • I LOVE books.  I play with them all the time and I love to sit in my big chair while being read to.

  • I'm generally a very good listener.

  • I say "mama", "dada", "baba", "da" (dog), "hi", and "bye".  I can also wave "hi" and "bye".

  • I generally only take one nap now.

  • I can roll a ball.

  • I have 3 teeth and am working on at least 4 more.  Just for the record, I got my first tooth at 6mo old, my mommy got her's at 8mo old, and my daddy got his at 7mo old.  What can I say, I like to stay ahead of the curve!

  • I eat a mostly finger foods and I can drink out of a regular cup and am currently learning to drink out of a sippy cup.

  • I LOVE music.  When I hear music I rock back and forth!

  • This month I went to the Greenville Zoo with Mommy and Gran and Riverbanks Zoo with Mommy and Daddy.

  • This month I played on a playground for the first time.
  • I went to visit Gran and Grandaddy in Greenville this month.
  • I still like to stick out my tongue!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Style Section

This was Emmie's game day outfit!  This is the one I made for her and Christa monogrammed it.  I LOVE how it turned out.  Plus she can wear it this year and next year...always a plus!  It's quite long right now but wearable! 

This was her Sunday dress.  It's one my mom smocked and definitely a favorite of mine.  I think it is just classic "little girl". 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So Emmie started up with ANOTHER cold Thursday evening (she likes to start them right before I work).  This one isn't as bad as the last one...less usage of the evil bulb suction.  I was telling my mom today that Emmie's been chewing on her fingers a lot the last couple days so I think this cold might be partly related to teething.  I couldn't say for sure because after a few rounds with the evil bulb suction she won't let me get anywhere near her face, let alone look in her mouth for teeth!  However, I was pretty sure that I saw a bottom tooth under the skin about to break through (she already has the middle bottom teeth...the one I saw is on the right beside the one she already case you're curious).  THEN, this evening when I was undressing her for her bath she was laughing and I noticed what looked like a tooth on the top so I pried open her mouth and lo and behold there was a tooth that had, unbeknownst (I probably butchered the spelling of that word but felt it was the appropriate word for the situation...and I'm too lazy to open up Word and spell check) to me she has cut a tooth on the top!  I've been keeping an eye out for the middle teeth on the top but she decided to be different and cut the one to the right of the middle first (she wanted to distinguish herself from all the other babies).  I would have loved to post a picture of the new tooth but I figure I was lucky to get a quick peak into her mouth...I wouldn't want to push the envelope too much!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Style Section

This was Emmie's gameday outfit...she had a great time cheering on her Gamecocks from the comfort of our air conditioned house!
We didn't go to church today because once again Emmie has a cold so we had a lazy day and we all laid around in our pjs until about 4pm.  It was quite nice.
This is the first outfit I made Emmie.  It's still a little big for her but I'm hoping that she'll be able to wear it by the end of football season this year and through football season next year!  Christa monogrammed it for me and I love how it turned out!  Much thanks to my mother for giving me sewing lessons!
This is one of the outfits I made Emmie...isn't it adorable?  When I saw this fabric at the store I knew I had to use it to make Emmie an outfit and I love how it turned out!
Aren't all the ruffles soooo cute?  I really love ruffles.  I love them like I love bows :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A day in the life...

Now that Emmie is able to pull herself up to a standing position this is what she spends a lot of her day doing.  One of her other favorite things is books.  We have read to her since she was born (as a newborn Horton Hears a Who would put her to sleep every time) and she has finally gotten to the point that she wants us to read to her.  She is cute because if you're in her room playing she will get a book from the stack on the floor and hand it to you so that you can read it to her.  I LOVE to read and I always hoped that I would have children who shared my love for reading and apparently Emmie does already...yay!
In the video you can see some of Emmie's favorite things...the window in her room because it has a ledge she can pull up on, her mousie that she sleeps with at night, and books!  I tried to get her to clap her hands (one of my favorite things that she does) but she was too interested in the books plus it's hit or miss if she'll clap on demand.  Clapping will have to be a video for another day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Style Section

Let me preface this post by saying that it is getting increasingly difficult to get Emmie to sit in the chair and hold still and look at me long enough to get a good picture!  She's soo interested in everything around her!
I love this used to be it's more like capris :)
This is the dress I forgot to get a good picture of last week...I think it's sooo adorable!
She looks like a puff ball in this dress and I LOVE makes you just want to hug her and squeeze her all the time (so I do)!

I also love this little face...don't you just want to pinch those big ol' cheeks?
Her Sunday dress this week.  Look at that little orange nose...she loves her beta ceratine foods!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The great outdoors!

Emmie and I (and Franklin) played outside today for a little bit.  Emmie is quite facinated by the grass...she's really funny when you stand her up in's hilarious to watch her try to walk...she curls her toes up!  I didn't realize until the other day when I took her out and put her in the grass while I was grilling that she hasn't been outside much this summer other than to go to the pool or for a walk around the neighborhood or to the zoo.  It has just been sooo miserably hot that we've stayed inside most of the time.  While we were outside I snapped some pics of her...I did have trouble getting her to look at me because she was so facinated with pulling up the grass..shhh...don't tell her daddy...he's worked hard to get the grass to grow!

(I'm pretty sure she's in the process of shoving a handful of grass in her mouth!)

Franklin loves to be outside too!

On a side note, this morning I gathered up Emmie and Franklin and we headed to the vet for Franklin's physical.  Emmie and Franklin both behaved very well at the vet (in spite of the fact we had to wait 30min after our appointment time to see the worth it though because we have the best vet with the best staff EVER) and Franklin (once we dragged him out from behind the chair) did very well during his exam and got a clean bill of health...the vet, for the second year in a row, remarked on how muscular he is...all those walks are paying off!  Also, Franklin didn't have to get any shots but he got one vaccine that went in his nose (some kind of drops)...afterwards the vet tech and the vet remarked on how well he did while they were giving it...I'm pretty sure he was just scared stiff, poor baby.  Anyway, he got up on the top of the couch (his safe spot...aka out of Emmie's reach) as soon as we got home and slept the majority of the's quite tiring to go to the vet apparently.
This evening I came upstairs with every intention of getting a lot of sewing done on the outfit I'm working on for Emmie only to find out that I'd cut out two back facings instead of a front and a back.  Luckily, I had only stitched the side seams so it was easy to undo but then I had to pin and cut out the front facing which by far my least favorite thing about sewing...ugh.  I had been working on ironing the hem of the facing before I discovered my error and was having serious issues getting it to flow right...fortunately I decided early on in that endeavor to come back to it after I'd sewn the facing to the top.  When I went to pin the facing onto the top and had extra notches I discovered my error...really glad I didn't spend too much time burning my fingers with the iron!  Also fortunately I know that I'm prone to doing things like this so I'd bought extra fabric...all is well again...just a little behind in my project!