Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Day in Pictures

Paul was out of town today so the girls and I had to figure out what to do on a weekend by ourselves! This morning the girls and I rolled out of bed around 7:45 (way to early for my taste, especially since I was up till midnight watching the opening ceremonies) and we settled in to watch some Olympic events.

They're totally into the olympics (it was either biking or swimming on...can't remember which).

Ellie is not too happy that I interrupted her olympic watching to take her picture!

Apparently something was quite funny!

After a bit we got dressed and headed to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities such as milk for Emmie (and then I got home and realized I should have gotten some for Ellie too...grrrr), yogurt for both girls (I feel like I buy them big cartons of yogurt a few times a week...I should take out stock in Stoneyfield Farms), cheese (we go through about a pound a week), and a few items that were on sale. After we got home we played for a bit and watched some more olympics and then it was lunchtime. I got the biggest kick out of Ellie reading her book while she ate...she definitely gets that from her Mama!

After naptime we went and met Dana and Kenzie for a playdate at Edventure. This was the first time we'd been since Ellie started cruising and she had so much fun getting to play like the big kids! She especially liked the shopping cart...she pushed it around and around and around in circles.

Look at those tongues!! Think they're related? (I didin't know they both had their tongues out when I took the pictures...hilarious!)

Contemplating milking the cow. After a few minutes she decided she was a city girl and wouldn't give it a try!

After Edventure we headed to Chick-fil-A for some dinner. The bigger girls didn't eat much but they had a GREAT time playing. There weren't any other kids there so they had the play area all to themselves and Emmie was finally brave enough to climb to the top and crawl around through the tunnels. Usually she's so intimidated by the wild older kids that she won't go more than a step or two up the play area and then she gets scared and upset. I'm hoping that now that she had such a good time playing today she'll be braver when there are other kids around. Even though the big kids didn't eat too much of their food Ellie ate 2 TONS of food...she loves the grilled nuggets! After Chick-fil-A we came home where Emmie had a huge meltdown because she hadn't taken a nap today...grrrr. I read to Emmie while I was giving Ellie her bottle and then Emmie wanted me to put Ellie to bed first. I went and sang to Ellie and rocked her and then came back to rock Emmie and this is what I found.

Poor sleepy baby!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


I have had so much fun lately watching my girls play together and watching how much they love each other. When I was pregnant with Ellie I dreamed of the moments when I could watch my girls play together and love each other. And I dreamed of those moments when I would sit in our big chair to read a book with both my girls and then sing to them and rock them together. Yesterday at naptime I was rocking Ellie and Emmie came and crawled into the chair and Ellie leaned over and just hugged and kissed her over and over and then they both started giggling. It was so cute. The other day Ellie got up from her nap and we went to get Emmie out of the bed (she was reading in her bed) and I let Ellie go in the room first and when Emmie saw Ellie she broke out into a big grin and when she smiled at Ellie, Ellie started crawling super fast over to Emmie's bed. Then Ellie climbed into Emmie's bed and they read together. I really hope they always love each other this much.
Ellie got a picnic basket from my grandmother for her birthday and she and Emmie have had the best time having picnics! Emmie will pull Ellie's chair up to the coffee table and set everything up and then come get me (or another adult) to put Ellie in her chair. They have the BEST time "eating" the food Emmie has prepared. Unknowingly to each other, Paul and I both took pictures of them having their picnics this week.

Ellie looks like she's taking high tea with the Queen!

Emmie always makes sure Ellie is hydrated.

Sometimes it's every man for himself when it comes to food...especially if Emmie's around!

"She did WHAT?!"

Emmie fixing the world's tallest hamburger.

Ellie sharing her food.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Style Section

Love this ladybug dress!

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this outfit. The skirt is just adorable!

We went to Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A...I knew this outfit would come in handy!

I squeeeeeeezed Emmie into her cow dress.

We had to include the birthday outfit again...she's just so stinkin' cute!

I love these matching outfits.

How cute is this dress Paul's parents got for Ellie? I just love it!

You can't really see too much of Emmie's bumblebee dress but she loves it and it's really cute!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1 Year Old!

I am 1 Year Old!

  • I weigh 20lb 3oz (we don't know percentiles or height because I won't have my well child check for a few weeks but we know my weight because I had a sick visit last week...Mommy will update when she has all the details!). At 1 year old Emmie was 22lb 3oz and 30in, my mommy was 19lb 2oz and 30.5in and my daddy was 19lb and 29 1/4in.
  • I wear a size 9-12mo or a 12-18mo.
  • I sleep about 12-13hrs at night and take a nap after lunch for about 2 hours.
  • I have 5 teeth...2 on the bottom and 3 on the top.
  • I eat 3 meals and an afternoon snack and I drink whole milk with my meals and usually drink about a cup over the course of the day. I love to drink water and my sister is very good about making sure I drink lots of water! I also still get a bottle at bedtime (but that will go away once I finish this container of formula). I get probiotics in my bedtime bottle to try to keep me from getting diaper rash since Mommy can't find a specific food that creates problems.
  • I eat pretty much everything that the big people eat which makes me very happy!
  • I love to drink out of a straw and I'm really good at it!
  • I say "mama", "dada", "that", "sister", "up", "down","dog", "sister", "GG", I also say "Grandaddy but it sounds like "dada" with something before it. I can sign "all done". I will also sometimes sign "more". I will sometimes repeat animal noises but I don't yet say them on command.
  • I communicate very well...usually by pointing at what I want.
  • I started cruising this month and I love being mobile!
  • I can show you my head, nose, mouth (I say "ahhh"), tummy, and sometimes my toes. I like to show others where their eyes are.
  • I give big, wet, sloppy kisses!
  • This month I went to my first baseball game. I had so much fun and while I wasn't so sure about the fireworks at first, after a minute I decided they were ok.
  • I love to wear sunglasses and hats...not so big on bows.

  • This month I had bronchitis again and had to do another round with the nebulizer. Fortunately Mommy caught the bronchitis early and so I didn't have to do the nebulizer too long. I also had my first ear infection this month. The ear infection never seemed to bother me though...we went to the doctor for my bronchitis and Mommy was quite suprised that I had an ear infection!
  • I went to cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a this month. I was pretty adorable and got some free Chick-fil-a! I love me some grilled chicken nuggets!
  •  I will put my finger to my lips and say "shhhhh".
  • I love my puppy but I really don't try to mess with him too much. I do like to stand beside him and look out the backdoor though!
  • I DO NOT like getting in the carseat...just putting that out there...I'm NOT a fan!

  • I still like going to My Gym but I'm getting to the point where I don't want to stay in the circle during circle time.
  • I love to play in the little pool in the backyard. I also like going to the waterpark.
  • We had my first birthday party at my house and I got to eat a cupcake. It was quite yummy!

  • I can blow kisses.
  • I like to put things in and out of containers.
  • I understand a lot of what you say to me and I'm a pretty good listener. If you raise your voice to me it just breaks my heart.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This afternoon after naps I took the girls to the waterpark at Ft. Jackson. This was the first time we had been in the afternoon (we usually go in the morning and it's more crowded and there tend to be lots of large groups with a serious lack of supervision). It was sooo nice this afternoon! The water was a little warmer than normal which pleased Ellie and all the big groups of unsupervised wild children were gone and it was relatively uncrowded. The girls were well rested and they had a great time! We even ventured over to the big pool and they had lots of fun and I don't think it ever got deeper than 4 feet so it was very manageable with 2 small children. I feel like we're so fortunate to have such a great waterpark right down the's such a fun outing!
After the waterpark we met Paul at Chick-fil-a...Ellie apparently played hard at the waterpark...she ate like she hadn't eaten in a week!