Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pony Pleeeeeeeease!!!

What no pony for Christmas?  But Mommy I really want a pony for Christmas, pleeeeease!

What?  The grandparents are getting me one?  Exxxxxcellent.

Monday, September 26, 2011


This past weekend we went to visit Paul's parents and brother in Summerville. We had lots of fun and both girls did great on the car ride there and back!

This was Ellie's first trip to Summerville and they had a sign waiting for her along with LOTS of flowers (which Gin-g was taking to an event).

Emmie quickly got to work in the kitchen helping GG.  She had the BEST time helping make a chocolate pie (although she said "bye bye" and quickly moved away when Ging-g pulled out the mixer...Emmie is apparently not a fan!) and washing the dishes.

Ellie was quite entertained by her Uncle Blake (aka Bake). Blake usually goes to Clemson on the weekends and goes to the game and spends time with Emily so we felt pretty special that he stayed in Summerville to hang out with the girls! Emmie had a GREAT time with Blake...he's as crazy as her daddy!

Eating at GG and Papa's is fun...they have BIG spoons! (She grabbed this off of one of the serving dishes.)

She was actually relatively successful at eating with the big spoon.

After dinner Thursday night Emmie got a bite of her chocolate pie and a scoop of ice cream.  She liked the pie but was much more into the ice cream...what can I say, she's her Mama's girl!

I got her mid sentence so she has a strange expression on her face but she was having a great time getting pampered.  GG was brushing her hair and PaPa was drying it...can we say rotten?

On Friday Gin-g, Blake, and I took Emmie to the Summerville High School football game (Fred is one of the coaches). We went last year to a game but Emmie was pretty oblivious.  This time she was much more aware and would dance when the band played and would randomly throw up her arms for "touchdown". We stayed through halftime and Emmie did great! Rita and Gerry Purvis came over and kept Ellie so that I could go to the game and I had lots of fun watching Emmie take it all in! The best part?  Summerville won 14-10!
This is the adorable bow that Gin-g found for Emmie to wear with the SHS dress I made last year (which still fits...I figure both girls can get 2 years out of it...excellent!).

Emmie and PaPa discussing football strategy.

On Saturday we took the girls (well..really Emmie...Ellie grouched through the whole thing) to the Fire Museum.  They had a big slide which Emmie loved, a fire truck simulator, lots of old fire trucks, and lots of buttons to push (one of Emmie's favorite things to do!).

Emmie climbing up the ladder to go down the slide.

She wasn't so sure about the fire truck simulator at had lots of flashing lights but after a few minutes she was willing to sit in the back with PaPa and GG.


For those of you who voted in the poll, baby #1 was Emmie!  I think it's so crazy how much the girls look alike and it will be interesting to see how their personalities match up!



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Style Section & a great giveaway

Love this outfit and wish I could have gotten a better pic. It's a dress that's way too short, jeans and her RED shoes! (now if only I could find jeans that don't sag because her stomach is so big!)

the shirt says it all

The dress Ellie has on is a Laura Ashley dress from my friend Alice's mom.  I have never seen any other baby Laura Ashley dresses but she's gotten them for both of my girls.

How cute is this outfit!  It's from my friends Kelly and Clarie.

I LOVE this dress.  I got it when Gymboree was having their super duper sale in the spring and it goes great with RED shoes (can you tell I love the RED shoes?).

This is one of my favorite dresses.  It makes her eyes look so blue.

Emmie went to the Summerville High School football game on Friday and this was the adorable bow that Paul's mom found for her.

Here's her dress...she did NOT want her picture taken so this was the best I could do.

Ellie's Summerville bow...she was being a little grumpy and I didn't have a great outfit for her to go with the bow so we just wore the bow with her pink outfit.

On Saturday Emmie wore the same outfit as last week and was once again on strike from the camera.  Ellie was very happy to get her picture taken in her NEW Gamecock dress that Paul's mom found. I love the little polo dress and the fabric is so soft!

Megan over at In this Wonderful Life just had twins and has used Mom's on Call to get her babies on a great sleep schedule.  She and Mom's on Call are giving away a swaddle blanket and a book/DVD. Also, Mom's on Call is offering 6 months of email consulting, which is normally $150 for only $50!  So all you new moms and moms to be head over to Megan's blog and check it out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Few Minutes of Sunshine

It's been nice having cooler weather this past week but the downside has been that it's been overcast and gloomy and raining off and on so it really hasn't been conducive to doing much outside.  Today, after the girls got up from their naps it was FINALLY sunny and beautiful outside.  We were going to go to the Children's Garden but then I decided that it would just be too much hassle to go anywhere so I filled up Emmie's pool in the backyard and we all went out and played! I'm so glad we went outside when we did because after about an hour of playing a storm hit and it POURED rain.
Ellie and I found a shady spot and stretched out on some quilts. Ellie had the BEST time stretching out in the fresh air and there was a gentle breeze which she loved (plus she didn't have clothes on which makes her very happy).

Franklin stood guard over Ellie and me.

It had been quite awhile since Emmie had gotten to play in her pool and she had sooooo much fun!

Emmie had a great time filling up her teapot...

...chasing Franklin around to give him water...

...and seeing the satisfaction on his well-hydrated face!  (I love that Franklin is licking his lips in this picture!)

The girls sunbathing (or shadebathing really).  I can't wait  for Ellie to be old enough to play outside with Emmie.  They're going to have so much fun!  Ellie already has a great time watching Emmie and Emmie loves to entertain Ellie!

Also while we were outside we once again attempted to play red light, green light.  Emmie understands the basic concept but we still have a long way to's quite entertaining to watch though!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quiz Time!

Most of the clothes Ellie is wearing right now are clothes that Emmie never wore since they were born in completely different seasons.  However, since we've had some cooler weather this past week, Ellie has gotten to wear some hand-me-downs. I took a picture the other day of Ellie wearing an outfit that Emmie wore at about the same age (Emmie was 8 weeks and Ellie was 9 weeks) and taken from about the same angle.  Can you tell which is Emmie and which is Ellie?
Number 1

Number 2

You can vote in the poll on the right side of the blog and the answer will be revealed in a few days!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Two of a Kind

When my mom comes to visit she texts me when she's about 15 minutes away and I always lift the blinds so Franklin and Emmie can watch for Gran (and Franklin can bark at imaginary people).  They're pretty funny.  Franklin always gets to the window first.  Then Emmie comes over and stands by him which causes him to run away for fear she might touch him.  Then, eventually, they reach some sort of unspoken agreement and share the window.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Style Section

As I looked back over the pictures from this past week I realized that most days nobody was real happy about getting their picture taken.  Oh well, some weeks are better than others!

I LOVE this outfit on Ellie.  I love the pretty colors and I think she looks really good in yellow (which is suprising because she has my coloring and when I wear yellow my skin looks awful).

I LOVE this dress of Emmie's and sadly, after she wore it this day it got packed up in the too small box.  It was just getting too hard to button.

Franklin got a haircut this week and a red bandana to go with it!  Emmie kept pointing to the bandana and saying "Gamecock".  That's my girl!

I LOVE this outfit (I know you're shocked since it has bunches of bows).  It was one of Emmie's and is a 3-6mo size but I really wanted Ellie to wear it at least once because it's so cute and luckily it's a smaller 3-6mo so she could fit in it.

This is another dress that headed to the too small box.

The girls wore their matching dresses but I couldn't get them to sit together.  They'd both had shots that day so they weren't in the best of moods.

I just realized that this isn't a great shot of Ellie's dress.  This is the dress we brought her home from the hospital in (see the pic below - she looks so tiny!) and it has her name on the front.  I love this dress Emmie is wearing.  It is a super soft cotton dress that always looks sooo comfy!

My mom got this at a consignment sale in Greenville and I LOVE it.  Emmie looks so good in black and in brown so this outfit was perfect for her!  I wish I could have gotten a better picture but she wasn't being super cooperative.  Also, after her nap her hair was curling at the bottom and it just made her look even cuter!

That is SUCH a teenager look she's giving me!

My mom found this cheerleader outfit for Emmie and it's a 3t so it fits her much better than the 3t one did (her stomach was really hanging out of the other one!).  In the afternoon we changed out the skirt for jeans (see below).  Ellie wore her USC sleeper most of the day since it was pretty chilly outside but she pooped on it before I got a picture so we had to make do with a turtleneck and jeans.  My mother-in-law found a USC outfit for Ellie in Summerville and I can't wait to have something cuter to put Ellie in!

Check out the shoes!  We went to Stride Rite today to get tennis shoes (which we did get) and I found these and couldn't resist!  Between wearing Carolina colors every Saturday and all the red she's got in her closest for the winter I know we'll get tons of wear out of them!
Today we ALL got to go to church...yay! Emmie was not so thrilled with getting her picture taken but I wanted to get them together since they were matching. I love these Rosalina dresses and am so proud that I found them in the right sizes at a consignment shop...the odds of that are astronomical!