Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to this great guy. In the past 5 1/2 years he has learned to fix hair (and that a bow should ALWAYS be part of the outfit), put tights on little girls, learned about every.single.disney.princess and watched every princess movie. He has had many tea parties (where he is the prince) and has learned about tiaras and other royal accesories. He has taken them to countless birthday parties and will even occasionally brave the grocery store with them. I have loved watching him learn how to be a "girl dad" and he's really quite good at it! I'm so thankful that my girls have such a Godly example of what a father's love looks like. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY PAUL!

I am also so thankful for my dad. He gave me a love for college football and taught me to bark. He came to all of my swim meets for many many years. He always supported me...even when it meant he had to come to violin concerts. He taught me about God and took me to church. He was a great model of the kind of man I wanted for a husband and I'm so thankful for that. I have loved watching him as a Grandaddy. He's loud and rough and those little girls just adore their "boo".

I am so blessed to have married a man who also has a wonderful dad. Fred raised 2 amazing boys and I have loved watching him with his granddaughter. Those little girls have their Papa Coach wrapped around their little finger!

Thanks to all the dads in my life for all you do everyday!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Because sometimes life is exhausting...

Paul and I always check on the girls before we go to bed. Tonight I went and checked on them and everyone was sleeping soundly in their beds (although Emmie was kids all love to sleep sideways). Paul went and checked on them less than 5 minutes after I did. Emmie met him at the door wanting a hug and this is how he found Ellie...

Sometime after I was in there she rolled out of bed and slept on. Poor baby stirred around while I was waiting for Paul to get the camera and just resituates herself on the floor and slept on! That my friends is true exhaustion!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summerville Trip

We came down to Summerville Friday night and while Paul couldn't come until Saturday afternoon and had to leave Sunday night, the girls and I stayed until Tuesday night.
Ruthie was so sad when Paul had to leave. She stood at the door and waved goodbye.
We had such a good time and got to do lots of fun things!

Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market and the girls chowed down on some delicious Popsicles and then we went to the pool for a bit before heading back to the house for lunch and naps. Saturday evening GG and PaPa took the girls to chick-fil-a for dinner and Paul and I went a friends wedding.

I met Brook about a month into my freshman year of college and we've been friends ever since so I was so happy to get to celebrate his wedding day! The wedding and reception were outside and it everything was gorgeous but it was HOT! The food was excellent but my favorite thing was that instead of a wedding cake they had Marble Slab ice cream...yummy! 

Sunday we all got up and headed to the SC Aquarium in downtown Charleston. All 3 of the girls absolutely loved it!

Getting to pet a snake...ewwww!

Ellie loved dressing up in the Madagascar room.

Off on a safari!

Up close with the lemurs.

Watching the divers in the big tank.
The divers were VERY interactive with the girls all loved it!

Ruthie loved these little cut outs. She's such a ham sometimes!

Getting to pet an alligator. Emmie was thrilled!
Ellie did eventually touch the alligator.

Monday Gin-g and I packed up the girls and headed to Folly Beach for the morning. One of Gin-g's friends has a house down there and her grandsons who are 3 and 6 were visiting and the kids had so much fun playing together! We stayed at the house and ate lunch before heading back to Summerville.

She's clearly a selfie pro already!

Hudson, Emmie, Ruthie, Jack, Ellie
Hudson wanted to sit next to Emmie. He told Mrs. Debbie that he "wuved" Emmie. So cute.

Monday night I headed into Charleston to meet up with my friend Susan for dinner at Minero. (In case you're curious I ordered the burrito. It was excellent and it was HUGE!) 
This was when I went to meet was soooo hot!

After dinner we sat by the water and talked for a bit (and Susan played photographer for all the tourists) and then went and got gelato. It was so much fun to catch up with Susan and it's always nice to have an "adults only" dinner! 

Monday evening I was on Facebook and saw that my roommate from freshman year had come in to Charleston from NJ to surprise her sister on her birthday. I was super excited because it's been a few years since I got to see Alyson. I texted her and it worked out that she could come by the house on Tuesday morning to visit. I loved getting to catch up with her in person! She was so sweet and brought all of us flowers. She brought sunflowers for the girls which are Emmie's absolute favorite...Alyson now has a new best friend!
I still remember how nervous I was doing random roommate (I have friends who have horror stories about their random roommate) but Alyson was a fabulous roomie and I love that we're still friends 14 years later!

Tuesday for lunch Gin-g and I took the girls to a little tea room in Summerville to eat and it was so much fun! We were in a room by ourselves which was great because the girls could get up and play when they were waiting for their food. They had lots of hats, boss, and purses for dress up and the girls thought that was so much fun! The good was amazing. I had the walnut chicken salad with fresh fruit and I ate every bite. Their cold tea of the day was a lavender lemon tea and it was amazing. It was very light and refreshing and perfect for a 100 degree day!

The girls got their food on these adorable butterfly plates which absolutely thrilled them.

After lunch we dropped the girls off with Fred and gin-g and I went to get pedicures as an early birthday present for me. I LOVE you pedicures and it's rare that I get one anymore. I had a great time and my feet felt so good afterwards!