Wednesday, July 5, 2017

21 Months

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I am 21 months old!

  • I wear size 18-24mo clothes (more on the 18mo side for shorts and 24mo for shirts) and size 5/6 shoes. I wear a size 4 or 5 diaper.
  • I sleep from 8pm -7:30/8am. I take a 1.5-3hr nap after lunch. I am super easy to put to bed. Mommy reads me a book, sings Jesus Loves Me, gives me my Clifford, pillow, blanket, and a handful of pacifiers and I am set to go!
  • This month Gran kept me while Ruthie got her tonsils out. She took away my paci during the day! It was rough going at first but now I only use my paci in the crib and the car (after a few days of me screaming everywhere we went Mommy caved on the paci in the car). I am very good about going and putting my paci in the crib if I find one laying around the house during the day.
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I still love Gran even though she took my paci.

  • I love to eat. Peaches and popcorn are my favorite foods right now (although not together!). I also have discovered M&Ms. I think they are delicious and I love them so much I'll ask for them by name! I still love scrambled eggs too!
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  • I am loving the pool this summer. I have a puddle jumper and I have learned how to get myself around the pool.
  • I have started talking a little bit more. Not a lot still but more than last month.
  • This month I went to Summerville to visit GiGi and Papa. I had lots of fun!
  • This month I went to the beach. I had a great week with family. At first I wasn't so sure about the ocean but by the middle of the week I had decided that the ocean was great!
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  • Between spending time with him at the beach and spending a weekend in Greenville I decided that Grandaddy was my buddy. I followed him everywhere he went! I do the same thing with Papa and Daddy and I was quick to latch on to Uncle Ben when he came to our house before the boys have to stick together!
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  • I LOVE to give hugs! Whenever my sisters cry I run and give them a hug. I get VERY concerned when they are sad. Sometimes my sisters will pretend to cry to get a hug from me!
  • I can climb on just about anything.
  • I love to throw things!
  • I have spent a lot of time at swim meets this summer. Mommy is very glad that I'm pretty good natured about the whole thing!
  • When I get mad I will often crawl under the barstool and scream. It's like my own self imposed time out spot!
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  • More and more Mommy is seeing me play imagination games.
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I pointed to the basket and told Ruthie it was a "bus".

  • I love to read. Unfortunately for the readers I like to read the same books over and over and over again. Some of my current favorites are any Clifford books and Brown Bear.
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  • I am starting to want to be more in the middle of what my sisters are doing.
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  • I love bugs. I always point them out and I usually try to pick them up.
  • I'm obsessed with dogs.
  • I like to make funny noises and I will imitate any noise that other people make.
  • I still don't like cake but I do LOVE cookies and am starting to like ice cream more. Gran made me gingerbread cookies and I think it's funny to bite the heads off.
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