Saturday, September 17, 2011

21 Months!

I am 21 months old!

  • I wear a size 2t or 3t shirt, 18-24 month or 2t dress and pants, and a size 6 shoe.
  • I wear a size 4 or 5 diaper.
  • As best mommy can tell I have all my teeth.
  • This month I went to Edventure, the children's museum, with Ivy.  It was sooo much fun and I can't wait to go back!

  • This month I went on a few dates with my daddy.  I really enjoy getting to hang out with him and have really become a daddy's girl!  Every morning when I get up I ask about my daddy.  Sometimes when I get in trouble I'll say "daddy, help!".
  • I love shoes.
  • I love playing dress up. Mommy got me a dress up princess outfit from Tot Trade and I really like it.
  • I'm having more and more fun with Ellie as she gets older.  I love it when she smiles at me.  I also like to teach her my favorite songs.

  • Everytime mommy goes in the kitchen I say "cook, emmie cook"  and then run over to my step stool and say "emmie see".
  • This month I got a flu shot when Ellie went for her 2month appointment.  I knew I was smart to go hide under the chair when Dr. Delaney came in the room...
  • This month Ivy came over to play and we had a great time playing in the pool and then in the dirt!

  • This month GG brought Mammy (one of my great grandmothers) down to visit and I got to go swim in the pool at the hotel.  It was lots of fun!
  • At the end of this month I got to try peanut butter for the first time.  It is sooooo yummy and I can put away a PB&J in about 2 minutes.
  • I went to the Blythewood playground a few times.  I love the slide!

  • I went to the Children's Garden with mommy and daddy and Ellie.

  • I like to help mommy and daddy take care of Ellie.  And if she cries I'm the first one there with a pacifier (which, for reasons only known to me, I call an Elmo).

  • I love to play in the water.

  • I also like to help take care of Franklin.  I like to give him water from the pool when we're outside and when we go for walks I get his leash and chase him around the yard.
  • I like to say hi to people.  If I see kids playing I'll say "hi kids".  Sometimes when I see someone I'll say "hi buddy" (pretty sure I picked that up because that's what mommy says to Franklin when we get home).  I'll also sometimes say "bye friend".
  • The other day in the parking lot I was in the shopping cart and the car behind us was backing up and I put my hand out and said "watch out".   Mommy thinks I'm hilarious!
  • I'm a big Gamecock fan.  When we talk about the Gamecocks I say "touchdown"!
  • Some days  I work really hard on being a 2 year old.  I'm pretty good at it.
  • I'm really good at puzzles and everytime mommy gets a hard one that she thinks will stump me for a few days I prove her wrong.  She's contemplating getting a 1000 piece puzzle...haha!
  • I love to read.
  • This month I moved up to the Gymsters class at My Gym and I'm learning a lot of new things.

  • This is what I looked like a year ago when I turned 9 months old.

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