Friday, October 2, 2015

21 Months

I am 21 months old!

  • I wear 18mo-2T clothes, a size 5-6 shoe, and a size 4 diaper.
  • I sleep from about 8pm-630 or 7am. I take about a 2 hr nap in the afternoon in between picking my sisters up from school. I'm now sleeping in the big girl room all the time (still in my crib) and doing pretty well!
  • My hair is still WILD curly!
  • This month I became a BIG sister! I am so in enamored with my little brother. I love to tell him hi, give him kisses, and hold him. I have adjusted relatively well to having a new baby in the house.
  • This month Mommy and I went to the zoo together and I had so much fun!
  • This month I started going back to My Gym and I LOVE it!
  • I'm learning animal sounds. I love to roar like a lion and I can make dog, cat, sheep, horse, and duck noises.
  • I'm working on counting to 3.
  • I'm saying more and more understandable words every day and am definitely having less communication frustration.
  • I have so, so much personality. Most of the time I'm really good natured and am always making people laugh.
  • I know what I want and I'm pretty determined that I'm going to get what I want, whether it's the water cup I want, the shoes, or the outfit I want to wear, or the chair I want to sit in at the table!
  • I'm pretty good at figuring things out. Can't reach something? It's ok, I'm sure there's a chair, stool, or box nearby that can be moved and climbed on!
  • I love to help in the kitchen.
  • I'm such a daddy's girl...I get so excited when I hear the garage go up at the end of the day...I know it's my daddy!
  • I love books, especially ones that have animals.
  • I love playing outside and have enjoyed being able to go out more now that it's a little cooler. I love the swings and slide especially.
  • I am pretty good at puzzles and will sit for a few minutes and work on them.
  • I LOVE jewelry and pretty dresses.

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