Sunday, April 14, 2013

21 Months

I am 21 months!

  • I wear a size 18-24mo or a 2t in clothes, a size 5 shoe, and a size 5 diaper.
  • I now have 15 teeth..I only have 1 more that needs to come in (and then my 2 year old molars as well).
  • I'm still eating really well. Some of my favorite foods this month have been yogurt, strawberries, grilled pineapple and any kind of meat. I have definitely been eating more fruits this month and I will also eat asparagus and brocolli. My favorite treats are cupcakes and yogurt.
  • I am talking so much more this month! My speech is also getting clearer...people who aren't around me all the time are starting to be able to understand me.
  • I love babies. We were at a lunch with some friends the other day and there were 4 babies there and I LOVED playing with them (especially my Mary Ruth!). I also love to play with baby dolls.
  • This month it finally warmed up enough for us to go to the zoo and I had so much fun looking at all the animals. I was even brave enough to feed the giraffes and the goats and I helped Mommy hold the nectar cup for the birds. We went over to the gardens as well and I liked all the flowers. I LOVE going to the zoo.
  • I am definitely working my way to the terrible 2s. I have been pretty whiney all month, especially in the afternoons. If you tell me to do something that I don't want to do I will cross my arms and make a pouty face...Mommy tries really hard not to laugh when I do's pretty funny!
  • I still love to play with Emmie...she's definitley my best friend! We like to dress up as princesses, play with playdoh, color, read together, play with our dolls, and have picnics. Of course we also LOVE to play outside...I'm an outside kind of girl!

  • This month we celebrated Easter. I had so much fun in NC with all the girls! I also enjoyed our Easter party with the playgroup. I was not such a fan of the Easter Bunny however.

  • When I see a bug outside I like to try to touch it! (This is very different from Emmie who wants nothing to do with bugs!)
  • I sing along to "Jesus Loves Me" and "Wheels on the Bus" when someone sings them to me.
  • This month we went to a shower in Summerville for Emily and Blake and I had sooo much fun. I especially liked getting to spend time with Emily and Blake earlier in the day!
  • I LOVE to read. When Mommy is reading to Emmie at naptime and bedtime I like to sit in Emmie's bed and read my own book. My favorite books right now are the Franklin the Turtle books and the Bernstein Bears books that we got at Chick-fil-A a while back. I also like Fancy Nancy and Cat in the Hat and of course my favorite book is Little Mommy!
  • Most days I still wake up crying in the morning and at naptime.
  • One of my favorite TV shows is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I also love Bernstein Bears (Mommy discovered it on Kids on Demand!).
  • I laugh a lot...especially if someone tickles me...I'm soooo ticklish!
  • I like to be silly.

This is Emmie at 21 months:
( Mommy thinks we look a lot different at this age...she thinks it's the hair that makes us look so different here...I'm also much smaller than Emmie was at 21 months.)
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