Wednesday, May 3, 2017

19 months

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I am 19 months old!

  • I wear a size 18-24mo shirt and size 12-18mo pants. I wear a size 5 or 6 shoe and a size 4 or 5 diaper.
  • I sleep from 7:30/8pm-7/730am and take about a 2hr nap after lunch.
  • At naptime and bedtime I like to read a book (usually a Clifford book), give everyone a kiss or two, then get in bed with my blankets, my pillow, a few pacis, and my Clifford.
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  • I have pretty much all of my teeth. In less than 2 months I went from 6 teeth to a whole mouthful!
  • I still don't say many words. I do communicate pretty well with sign language which is helpful (as long as you know my version of sign language). I have great receptive language skills however and overall I'm a pretty good listener.
  • I LOVE dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, any old dog will do. I love them all! I can spot a dog from a mile away.
  • I love the trash truck. I will hear the trash truck coming down the street and run to the window to watch.
  • This month I celebrated Easter. I enjoyed getting to spend the day with family. I wasn't so interested in the egg hunt. I was much more interested in the basketball court!
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  • I love sports. I like to watch them on TV with daddy and I like to play them.
  • This month I did lots of fun things. I went to strawberry picking, to the zoo twice, went to waterfall junction at the zoo, had many trips to the children's garden, and went to the children's museum twice.
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  • I had a playdate with Mary Ruth and Ezekiel. It was lots of fun!
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  • I am finally starting to realize that grandparents are pretty wonderful. I am pretty happy to go play with them even when Mommy's around.
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  • I love to play in the rain.
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  • I do not like the Easter Bunny.
  • This month I got a haircut. This was my 4th or 5th haircut and I did wonderful.
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  • I still think that as a group my sisters can be pretty overwhelming but I love them to pieces one on one! I love to give them hugs and kisses and I love to sit with them and play.
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  • I prefer to run around with my shirt off. Sometimes in the afternoons I will come in the house and ask Mommy to take off my shirt. On a good day she can convince me to keep my shorts on!
  • I love wearing hats!
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  • This month I went to my first baseball game to see the Columbia Fireflies. I was not super impressed. What I really wanted to do was climb up and down the steps!
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  • I am an excellent climber. I have now learned how to climb out of my car seat once Mommy unbuckles me. Which was really great because then Mommy could unbuckle me and then Ruthie and I could get out on the same side of the car at the same time. Then I learned how to push the button to open the van doors. So that makes life interesting.
  • My arms are VERY strong. I can open just about any push/pull door. Such as the playground door at chick-fil-a. Which means I can spend the entire time we're there going in and out of the door.
  • I love music and dancing.
  • Cookies are still the only dessert that I have much interest in.
  • I have started pointing to my diaper whenever anyone is going to the bathroom. Mommy has let me sit on the potty a few times and I think it's really great! I will also sometimes come and tell Mommy when I have a dirty diaper or a particularly wet one.

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