Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Roo's Swim Lessons

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Ruthie just finished up 2 weeks of swim lessons with Palmetto Aquatics. She was SO excited for swim lessons this year and she learned a lot over her 2 weeks. We still have to work on getting her to kick her legs out instead of bicycle kicking but other than that she was doing awesome! We got lucky and Ruthie had the same teacher both weeks AND it was her teacher the second week she took last year. It definitely helped the first day for Ruthie to have someone she already knew. I LOVED her attitude throughout the two weeks. She was always ready to swim and she kept a big smile on her face the majority of the time. The first week she was having a lot of throat pain and then she drank a lot of water the first day which did horrible things to her stomach but she never complained during her lessons and she didn't let it slow her down when she was swimming. This kiddo is a trooper!

Week 1

Week 2

(Also, apparently roo can dive!)

She is so ready for the pool this summer! Ruthie gets to be on the mini team for swim team this year and she is beyond excited to do swim team like the big girls!

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