Monday, November 23, 2015

22 Months

**So I did most of this post a month ago and thought I'd published it...realized a few days ago that I hadn't...oops!**

I am 22 months!

  • I wear a size 24mo or 2t clothing. Sometimes I can wear 18 mo pants depending on how the size runs. I wear a size 4 diaper but am going to size 5 as soon as we finish the 4s. I wear a size 5 or 6 shoe.
  • I'm super opinionated about pretty much everything.
  • I can buckle the top of my seatbelt all by myself!
  • I am pretty agreeable about all the car riding I do although I do like to sit in my seat and yell "Mommy!" over and over and over.
  • This month I went to Boo at the Zoo! I was the cutest little sheep.
  • This month we had severe flooding in Columbia and fortunately our house was not affected but we did have to boil our water for about a week. I was pretty oblivious to the whole thing.
  • This month my Uncle Ben came from Delaware to visit and I got to meet his girlfriend, Ruth. I think it's so cool that we have the same name and I loved getting to hang out with Ben and Ruth. Uncle Ben was very willing to push me on the swings which I loved!
  • I have adjusted amazingly well to the addition of my new brother. He is like my own personal baby doll! Overall I am very gentle with him and don't seem to be at all jealous of him. I try to always make sure he has his pacifier and blanket nearby and I think it's important to accessorize him.
  • I have learned the way to Franklin's! He can often be found beside me at the table where I will slip him bites of food. In exchange for giving him food I expect him to let me chase his tail. He generally obliges.
  • Overall I am very good natured and happy.
  • I want to do everything my sisters do! I follow them around and love being in the middle of whatever they're playing and they're generally very willing to let me!

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