Wednesday, May 22, 2013

22 Months

I am 22 months! (and 8 days...Mommy was a little slack on this post! It's hard to find good help!)

  • I wear a size 18-24mo or a 2t. I wear a size 6 shoe and a size 5 diaper.
  • I finally have all my teeth (other than my 2 year old molars).
  • I LOVE to eat. Strawberries are one of my favorite foods right now and one of the few fruits I'll eat. I also really love fish. I can eat a 6oz salmon fillet in 2 minutes flat. Something quirky about is that when someone starts fixing food in the kitchen I go sit at the kitchen table. I am willing to wait for 30 minutes just to be the first at the table!
  • I'm talking so well now! I talk in good sentences and am pretty easy to understand.

  • I have terrible 2 moments a few times a day but overall I'm still pretty easy going.
  • I have FINALLY gotten to the point where I generally wake up happy in the mornings and after naps. I wake up happy and read my books and play in my bed for a bit and then I throw everything out and call for Mommy.
  • This month we went to Gran and Grandaddy's house for a visit and it was so much fun! They were also able to come visit us for Daddy's birthday.
  • This month I went to a farm and took a wagon ride behind a tractor.

  • I love for Emmie to read to me.

  • We went and picked strawberries a few times this month. I didn't really help with the picking but I LOVED eating them while everyone else picked!

  • I'm such a goofball. I make Mommy and Daddy laugh a lot.
  • I love to climb on things. At My Gym I spend most of my time climbing all the different ladders. I definitely keep Mommy on her toes!
  • I love to play dress up.

  • I went to Edventure this month. I LOVE the wind machine. My favorite exhibts were the grocery store and the library.

You can tell in this picture how much the Emmie and Ellie's faces look alike.

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