Saturday, August 5, 2017

Little Swimmers

All the kids have really enjoyed the pool this summer and their swimming has improved so much! Emmie, Ellie, and Ruthie did swim team. Ellie and Ruthie were on mini team and this was Ruthie's first year. I told her that if she worked hard at her swim lessons in May she could be on swim team and she did such a great job during her swim lessons and was so excited that she got to be on swim team like the big girls! Ellie was thrilled that at the last meet of the season she got to swim up on the 7/8 medley relay! The kids loved all their coaches and once they got past the first 2 weeks (which were soooo cold) they looked forward to swim team every single day!
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Ellie getting ready to swim!
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Ruthie ready to swim. She was too small for a team suit so she's Team Minnie.
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As one of the very youngest on the team, Ruthie had the coaches wrapped around her little finger!
**Warning: Coach Stacy tends to come out during swim meets. My kids will never wonder if someone's cheering for them lol!**

Normally at the pool Ruthie wears a float but a few weeks ago she took it off and hasn't put it back on! Since then she has learned to go get toys off the bottom of the 3ft, take a breath while she's swimming (she can go about halfway across the shallow end without having to stop on the wall), and she is using her arms so much more when she swims. I just can't get over the fact that she's only 3 1/2 and swimming like a champ!

This summer Ellie has gained so much confidence. At the beginning of the summer she preferred to swim with a noodle if she was somewhere she couldn't touch but she's been working hard on treading water (so she can take the Y swim test) and now she is so much more comfortable in deep water. She also learned to breathe to the side and can now swim a lap of the pool without stopping.

Emmie had another great summer. Her freestyle improved so much and she's been working hard on her other strokes. She came in last in almost every race she swam this summer but she gave 110% at almost every single practice. I was so proud of her for always doing what she was asked and never cutting corners even when other kids were. She may not be fast but she's dependable!

Emmie's freestyle at the beginning of the summer and at the end of the summer.

JP has also enjoyed the pool. He gets his puddle jumper on, kicks his feet up, and floats around like he has his own personal lazy river! He also tagged along to every swim meet (2 a week) and every practice without complaint. Fortunately for JP we a lot of swim meets that weren't very hot and humid so it wasn't nearly as miserable as most summers. He was always excited to cheer on his sisters and would yell "GOOOOO!" every time they were racing! (I think he might get that from me!)
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