Wednesday, April 5, 2017

18 Months

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I am 18 months old!

  • I am 30.5in. tall (4th percentile) and 22.6lb (25th percentile). We're not sure the height one is right. At 15 months I measured taller so not sure if I was measured wrong this time or last time. At 18mo Emmie was 26.4lb and 33in, Ellie was 22.8lb and 31.25in, and Ruthie was 21lb 15oz and 32.25in.
  • I sleep from 8pm-7/7:20ish. I very rarely wake up in the middle of the night now which makes mommy so happy! I nap from 12-2:30.
  • I have had 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on the bottom) for MONTHS and there hasn't even been signs of any other teeth coming in. Well I am currently getting almost all of the rest of my teeth! Amazingly enough I'm dealing with the teething really well.
  • I have to give everyone in the house, including Franklin, a hug and kiss (or 2 or 3 or 4) before I go to bed. (I just give Franklin a kiss...he's not really into hugs)
  • I wear a size 5 shoe and size 18mo clothes.
  • I adore Franklin. Sometimes if he's tired and I'm very quiet and gentle he'll even let me pet him which absolutely thrills me!
  • I LOVE to eat. My current obsession is bread with sun butter on it. I can put away 2-3 slices at a time! I also love all fruit except grapes.
  • This month we went to the zoo. I had soooo much fun!
  • I love to play outside.
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  • I'm not really into TV watching unless there is a ball game on. Then I'm all in!
  • I'm still not sure what to do with my sisters as a group. They are just a little too wild for me. I do love them one on one though!
  • This month I have started sitting and listening to books. Before I just wanted to look at the pictures but now I will sit and listen to the story. I especially love stories that have animals in them.
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  • I love a good hat.
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  • I have quite a few words in my vocabulary but I generally choose not to say them. I can say words like "bread", "diaper", "night-night", "kiss", and "gran".
  • I am doing better about going in the nursery at church. I still cry when I go in sometimes but I walk in on my own and I have a great time playing once I'm in there. I still do GREAT going in Childwatch at the Y. I love that Ruthie is in the same room as me and I love Mrs. Debbie who is one of the workers in the room. She was gone one week and I was not nearly as happy to go in to the room!
  • Overall I have been happier this month which makes everyone's life easier!
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  • I like to play tag.
  • I like to swing but prefer the big kid swing over the baby swing.
  • I go to My Gym every week and I'm still not a huge fan of circle time but I'm doing better.
  • I'm a great helper. I love to help unload the dishwasher, put clothes up, take out the trash, sweep and set the table. The one chore I don't particularly get excited about (and my sisters always did) is doing laundry.
  • Mommy is working on me not having my pacifier quite so much during the day but I have to have it at night. And not only do I have to have the one in my mouth but I'm even more dependent on having one on my finger!
  • I can be independent when I make up my mind to do so. For instance when I really want an orange I will get it myself and figure out how to eat it!
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  • This month I got to play in the snow....and play with my water table! March had some wild weather!
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