Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ruthie's Trip to Greenville

So with all the back to school excitement, starting OIT, hurricanes, and life in general  I totally forgot to write a post about Ruthie's trip to Greenville to spend a few days with my parents! Ruthie has big plans for the time she is with the grandparents and, like all the girls, she looks forward to these trips all year! Usually Ruthie is the first one to go for her visit because her school schedule is easier to work around but this time she was the last...and she about couldn't stand the wait!

Gran and Grandaddy came and picked her up and took us all out for CFA before they headed back to Greenville with Roo!

While she was there she got her haircut.

She enjoyed getting to play with all the toys by herself...although she did let Grandaddy play too!

She went to the bookstore and played with the trains.

She and Gran met Grandaddy at TCBY and then she went and helped Grandaddy at work.

She helped Gran make biscuits.

And helped Grandaddy with yard work.

She and Gran went to the Pavilion and played on their bounce houses. She LOVED it and they stayed for a couple of hours!

She played on a playground and rode the train there!

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