Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dance Theatre of Columbia 2018 - Red Riding Hood

We just wrapped up Emmie's 2nd season and Ellie's 1st season with DTC. The last month and a half have been busy and exhausting and SO much fun!

This year the show was Red Riding Hood. Ruthie's dance teacher last year and this year was Little Red Riding Hood so that made it extra fun for my girls. They just love Miss. Isabelle.

This year Ellie was a Child of Garland and Emmie was a Troll.

A few weeks ago we had the pancake character breakfast. The kids always love going and eating breakfast with their friends and taking pictures with the main characters! (Ruthie was in Summerville for her weekend with GiGi and PaPa which is why she's not in the character breakfast pictures.)
Emmie and Ellie with the Bluebird, Caterpillar, Crow, Butterfly, and Harlequin.

Emmie, Ellie, Evelyn, and the WOLF!!


Red Riding Hood

I LOVE this picture of Superman (aka JP) and Isabelle. :)

sweet friends!

Evelyn, Emmie, Ellie, and Ainsley

The Saturday that kicked off production week we had rehearsal all day so during the lunch break a big group of us went to the Children's Garden to eat and let the kids run around. We did this last year as well and it is such a fun tradition!

After a full day of rehearsal last Saturday we ended the day with the cast party. The kids had SO much fun!
I loved that Emmie was not nervous to get out their with the big girls and learn the line dances they were doing.

During production week the girls had to be at rehearsal every night at 5 and stayed until they were done for the night (or if you were Emmie and stayed until 8:30...her medicine just makes her way too tired to be able to stay up real late multiple nights in a row.) Fortunately this year none of our production week rehearsals were too long...we even got out at 7:30 one night! I actually only had to pick them up at separate times once. By the end of the week they were starting to drag though...Emmie didn't even get her jacket off after school before she was asleep on Thursday!

Unfortunately we didn't make it through production week without incident. A door ran into Ellie on Wednesday night during rehearsal. She was running down the hall and someone opened a door and it collided with her face. She looked miserable when I picked her up but kept saying it didn't hurt that bad. She was definitely hurting the next morning but by that afternoon seemed fine. Poor baby didn't really complain anymore until I had to put her makeup on Friday night and on Saturday. I barely touched it and she was in lots of pain so I know it had to have been hurting her a lot more than she was letting on!

Friday night was dress rehearsal and Saturday they had two shoes. They loved getting to finally wear their costumes and they had so much fun backstage with their friends. All the grandparents except for my dad (tax season) came to watch and Ruthie came to the show as well. (JP had a babysitter.) The girls both did a GREAT job. We were all SO proud of them! Part of what Ellie did was sit on the side of the stage and "stage chat". She was very excited about this and had talked about it for weeks. Well she was HILARIOUS. She was totally into it and so expressive. Girl needs to join a drama club! I loved seeing this other side of her personality as she is generally my calm, quieter child.

the grumpy trolls...the moms spent a good 30 minutes after the picture was texted to us trying to figure out who was who!

the other Emmie and Ellie

The girls loved every minute of their DTC experience. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends they have made through dance. I also just LOVE the sweet big girls at our dance studio. They love on my girls and look out for them. One of them really took Ellie under her wing the night she got hurt for which I am so thankful. I love these big girls that are always so kind to the little ones. They let them jump into the middle of whatever they are doing and they are always ready with a hug!

The girls had some friends that came to watch the show.

With their buddy Blair (butterfly, among other parts). 

Isabelle and the girls.

Annie (Fortune Teller, among other parts) is one of their swim team coaches!

We finished out our big, crazy weekend today by going to the Children's Theater's production of Junie B. Jones is NOT a Crook. One of Emmie's dance teachers, Ms. Bailey, was Junie B. Jones. The whole show was wonderful! I took JP, this was the first time he had been to a Children's Theater show, and he loved it too! There were quite a few of our dance friends there to see Bailey as well.
Kate is another one of the sweet girls at dance who always loves on the littles. Ellie sat in her lap through the entire show today! That's Emmie's buddy Peyton on the right...we were excited that she was there too!

Picture with Bailey!

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