Friday, February 2, 2018

Ruthie Grows Up

Ruthie had her 4yr old well visit today. You may remember that we have really struggled with keeping her weight up ever since she had pneumonia 2 years ago. At one point in the last 2 years she even fell off of the growth chart. Also, I had a major battle with the insurance company last April because they didn't want to approve her tonsillectomy but she kept losing weight because she wouldn't eat because her throat hurt. Well I'd really like to call them back and say "I told you so!". My little bit weighed in today at 31lb 10oz!! AND is in the 19th percentile! She has almost always been under the 10th percentile! The doctor and I were both quite excited! It makes me so happy that she finally feels well enough to eat whatever she wants.
She even got a smiley face from the pediatrician!

She also got her 4 year old shots today. She knew they were coming and she was pretty nervous. Let me tell you, little girl did AWESOME. She flinched a little when they did the first shot but she didn't cry a bit...until she sat up and saw the nurse putting the bandaid on. THEN she freaked out. Funny girl. But man is she tough! We went and got Krispy Kreme to ease the pain and suffering. :)

Ruthie has also been busy doing lots of other fun things.

She just finished up soccer at the Y. This was the first time any of my kids had played soccer and it was the perfect setup. Indoors, practice right before the game, perfect. Ruthie went back and forth throughout the season about whether she really enjoyed it but I think overall she did. She was pretty funny to watch play and she really liked her coach and she had a little girl from her preschool class on her team. Paul and Emmie went with her to her last game this past Saturday and Ruthie was SO excited when she got home because she got a trophy! She is so proud of her trophy and couldn't wait to put it on the bookshelf beside Emmie's dance trophy.

Ruthie was very adamant at the beginning of the school year that she needed a lunchbox. Since she got the lunchbox she hasn't said anything about wanting to stay for extended care and the whole idea makes me nervous because extended care is not peanut free. Well last week she finally told me that she wanted to take her lunch to school. So this past Thursday she stayed for extended care. She stayed until the very end so that I could just pick her up on the way to get the big girls from school. She had SO much fun! She loved having a lunchbox and she loved all the extra playground time she got. She told me 3 times in the first 5 minutes after I picked her up that she couldn't wait to do it again! She loves anything that makes her feel like one of the big girls and taking her lunch to school and staying all day like they do just made her week!
So happy when I picked her up from school!

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