Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fall Festival

The first graders at our school have a Fall Festival every year during their unit on goods and services. In the weeks leading up to the festival they earn money. They are also in charge of a station and they make a sign and pick a price for their item. During the festival they rotate between being sellers and being buyers. When they are sellers they also have to practice their math while they make change for their customers. It is so much fun and I'm so glad I got to go help out!
Ellie was in charge of the pickle station. They were charging $3 for pickles!! (Apparently they were the best pickles ever!) She had a great time being a seller!
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Dr. Hill, our principal, came by to buy some lunch. She had to sit down and find out why these pickles were worth $3! (Apparently they are "fresh" in fresh out of the jar..ha!)

Being a buyer is fun too! The festival was during lunch time so the kids enjoyed getting to have pickles, nachos, corndogs and trail mix for their lunch!
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