Wednesday, August 21, 2019

First Day of School!

I didn't realize just how much taller Emmie was than Ellie until I looked at this picture! Poor Ellie, Ruthie is about to catch up to her!

Today the big kids headed back to school. Ruthie is a big Kindergartener, Ellie is in 3rd and Emmie is in 4th! Emmie and Ellie were nervous and excited but Ruthie was so excited!
We had Back to School night last week and they were able to meet their teachers and see their classrooms.

I wasn't sure how Ruthie would do this morning but she did awesome. We got to her classroom door and she gave all her siblings a hug and gave her teacher a hug and then started walking on in. I was like "Hello! Mom over here. Could I get a hug?" I finally managed to snag a quick hug and then she was off!

Then we dropped Ellie off. She was nervous because her closest friends are in other classes this year but she was a Rockstar and went right on in her class!

Then I took Emmie. About 2 days ago Emmie asked me if I would walk her to her classroom on the first day. I know the day is rapidly approaching where she won't want me to even be close enough by to be identified as her mom so I was more than willing to walk her to the classroom! She was really nervous but once we got to her room she went right in with no problems.

I know these girls are going to have a great day and I'm so looking forward to hearing all about it when they get home!

P.S. Little brother is not amused that they all went to school and left him behind but he's managed to survive the first few hours alone with me. ;)

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