Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

We had a wonderful Father's Day today celebrating the dad's we love. We were at my parent's house because we went and saw Lion King last night so we had the extra treat of getting to be with my dad on Father's Day.
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I am so thankful for Paul. He is an AMAZING father. He works so hard to provide for our family and then comes home and helps with the kids. I have loved watching him go from this guy who didn't know how to change a diaper to the guy who will clean up throw up off the carpet at 4am all by himself (that's a great story for another blog post but pretty much he's super dad and super husband). He went from a guy who could barely manage one child to the dad who takes 4 kids by himself to birthday parties and the grocery store. I love to watch the kid's faces light up when he comes home from work (especially JP...he's such a daddy's boy!). I'm so thankful that my children have a dad who shows them what a Christian husband and father looks like!
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I am so thankful for my dad. Two children and four grandchildren later and he still may not know how to change a diaper but he is the BEST dad and Grandaddy. I have loved watching my kids warm up to their loud, wild Grandaddy. He has acquired the nickname "Boo" as he is prone to hide around corners and jump out and scare them. I love to watch him play chasse around the house with them just like he did when I was little. It's always so sweet to walk in a room and see him reading with them or playing quietly. These kiddos love their Grandaddy and JP has decided that he needs to be Grandaddy's shadow. I'm pretty sure my dad didn't make a move this weekend without JP right behind him. I'm so thankful that I had a dad that I could look up to and I always knew that I wanted to marry a man like my dad.
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I was so fortunate to gain a wonderful father-in-law when I married Paul. I am so thankful to Fred for raising 2 amazing young men. He raised Paul to be respectful, and loving, and selfless, and to put family first and most of all he taught him from an early age to love God. I have loved watching the tough football coach who only had boys melt when the little girls come around. And I have loved watching him with a grandson. He loves the grandbabies so much and it shows every time he's around them.

The kids and I are blessed beyond measure to have these wonderful men in our lives!

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