Monday, March 13, 2017

Catching Up

I have gotten so far behind with my blogging so today I'm doing a BIG post stuffed full of what we've been up to!

JP had roseloa at the end of February. For 2 days he ran a 103 temp. He was so miserable and I felt so bad for him. I pretty much just held him and rocked him for 2 days. After the fever broke it took him aother 3-4 days to recover. I was so happy a week after the fever started to have snuggle time with a super giggly baby instead of a sad baby.

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Ellie had to dress up as a book character during Read Across America week. She picked Tacky the Penguin.
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Emmie and Ellie's school has a big focus on Lifeskills. Sometimes the kids get recognized for using their lifeskills. The person recognizing them fills out a Spotlight and the kid gets invited to a special breakfast. It's a HUGE deal (at least in Emmie and Ellie's book) to get a Spotlight. Emmie's teacher wrote a Spotlight for Emmie a few weeks ago. We are SO proud of her. She is an amazing helper at home and I'm glad to see that she is the same sweet helper in her classroom as well!
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These two are so funny together. They play together more and more and are slowly figuring out how to play together. The other day we were walking Franklin and they started saying "cheese" and posing. I had to stop and take their picture of course.
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I pulled out my consignment stuff the other day. I tagged the boppy and set it to the side only to turn around a few minutes later and find Franklin curled up in it happy as could be. Of course I then decided that I couldn't sell sweet puppy's favorite pillow! Four kids later and it's FINALLY his for good!
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JP is very into sitting in boxes right now. He thinks it's so funny!
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Every time I look at Emmie's picture from Alice in Wonderland I am blown away. She just exudes confidence and grace in this picture and looks so grown up.
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My mom was here the other day and so I caved and got the wagon out to pull the kiddos while we walked Franklin. Normally it's just too much to pull the wagon and walk Franklin. The kiddos were thrilled. My mom was originally going to push JP in the stroller but he wanted a wagon ride. In the end Ellie got to ride in the stroller which thrilled her. (She would be happy to by the "baby" of the family forever...I think she missed the memo that she's #2 of 4.)

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During weekend rehearsals for Alice a group of moms took our kids to the Children's Garden for lunch. Ruthie's buddy Weston was there and somewhere along the way Ruthie and Weston planned a zoo playdate together. Ruthie asked me every day for a week when we were going to the zoo with Weston so Weston's mom and I found a day that worked for both of us and took our little ones to the zoo. We had a great time and Ruthie was SO happy!
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Roo and Weston held hands for a good portion of the zoo. I thought it was cute. Paul was not as amused. I got the third degree about "this Weston character" when Paul got home that night. Lol!
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JP loved all the animals but the giraffes seemed particularly fascinating to him.
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Riding the carousel. I tried to put JP on one of the animals and as soon as I lifted him up he grabbed on to me. Apparently he's not a fan of heights...unless he has climbed up somewhere know, like the kitchen table.

Paul had the level out the other day while he was hanging a picture so he showed JP how to use it. JP was so fascinated. He's definitely a future engineer. This kiddo LOVES to build!
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