Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Dear Ruthie


Dear Ruthie, 

Happy Double Digits Roo Roo! It is so hard to believe that you are TEN years old. 

When you were born I looked in those sparkly eyes of yours and I knew that you were going to spice up our lives. You keep us on our toes for sure! You are quick witted and funny and BRUTALLY honest. You are fierce but you also love fiercely. You are small on the outside but everything inside of you is BIG. You feel big feelings and have big worries and you love big and you have big thoughts and opinions. You are not one who accepts comfort easily. As you've said before "Ruthie doesn't cry!" When you get upset you don't want hugs and comfort unless it is YOUR idea. But when you decide you want to be comforted I get BIG squeezes. You don't trust others quickly but once someone has earned your trust you are very loyal. I can always tell when you've had a sub at school...there are only 2 or 3 subs at the school that have earned your trust. You're pretty sure all the rest of them are telling you allll the wrong things. It puts you in a very bad mood to have a sub who is not "Ruthie approved." You are competitive and you love soccer and swimming. This year we really saw you make lots of progress on the soccer field and it was so fun to watch! You work hard in school and will work hard on anything that is competition based. You always want to be the best! 

I love seeing how you fit in our family. When you were born we thought you would be our baby but now I can't imagine you as the baby of the family. And I can't imagine you without JP as your constant sidekick. You are a wonderful big sister and I love watching the special bond you and JP have. Saturday mornings its common for me to find y'all snuggled in his bed reading a book together or giggling or sitting quietly drawing. From the day we brought you home you were enamored with your big sisters. Ellie has always been your playmate. She's the one you want to play Legos with or other imaginative games. She's silly and rarely tries to mother you. This year you and Emerson seem to have settled on your roles in relation to each other. I think you may have finally accepted that she is in fact the oldest! Now it seems that Emerson is the one you look up to and go to for advice. And we can't forget Franklin. He tolerates you on a daily basis but he is very quick to curl up in your bed if he sees the nebulizer machine come out. He knows when you need someone to keep an extra eye on you! You keep all of us in line and our lives would certainly be boring without you around!

This year I have watched you grow more independent and I'm so proud of you and all the responsibilities you take on without being asked. You have always been so good at managing your allergy stuff and your OIT but this year you have really taken over your daily dosing. On days you are up before me you eat breakfast and do your dose and let me know what time you took it. You get two "off" days a week from dosing and you have thought it through and decided which days you'd prefer not to dose. If we have something that causes you not to dose on a different day you are great about adjusting your "off" day schedule. While I hate that you have a food allergy I am so proud of you from taking ownership of it. You've also gotten really good about grabbing your epipen bag as we head out the door. This was something I always did but this year you often get to it before I do. This year I've also loved seeing how you've taken ownership of your schoolwork. You write down your assignments each day and if you have a test coming up you always want to review the material far in advance so that you are comfortable with it. You're not always the easiest to work with when it comes to school work as you get frustrated very quickly BUT you still want to do the work even as you're falling to pieces! I'm hoping maybe soon you will learn to give yourself some grace when you don't know all the answers. 

One really fun thing we did this year is that you and I went to Chattanooga together with the fourth grade. It was a really fun trip and I loved getting to have the time with you one on one. In a large family it is so rare to spend more than a few hours one on one with any child and I got 2 days with you. I loved getting to just hang out with you and your friends. I really enjoyed getting to watch you with your peers. I would laugh because you would always start out with the girls but in the end you were usually hanging out with the boys. I loved getting to watch you try new rock climbing. I loved watching you and your friends cheer each other on...and challenge each other to climb even higher. I am so glad you have friends that will cheer for you and then push you to do even more. 

Ruthie I am so glad that I get to be your mom. You challenge me and push me to my limits some days. You don't let me get away with anything and will call me out every time if you think I've dropped the ball. You have taught me how to parent a Ruthie...which is quite different from parenting any of your other siblings! And you bring me such delight. Those sparkly eyes will always remind me of your first few days in the world when I just knew we were in for something special. You are going to do big things little girl and I can't wait to see where your big personality takes you! I love you Roo!



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